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Quantifying Tropical Cyclone Risk

Tropical cyclones are a significant source of annual catastrophe risk globally. RMS cyclone, hurricane, and typhoon models help the market quantify this risk to inform sound underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.  

Obtain a Robust Determination of Risk

Assess risk across the full spectrum of landfalling, bypassing, and transitioning storms. RMS models are informed by extensive stochastic event sets and landfall rates specific to each basin or region. 

Utilize the Best Hazard Science

Select and manage risk utilizing the latest RMS hazard innovations. RMS models incorporate advanced wind and water modeling methodologies to generate realistic representations, variations, and correlations of tropical cyclone hazard within each region. 

Advanced Insights Into Building Vulnerability

Differentiate risks within and across regions, sub-perils, building characteristics, and mitigation efforts. RMS models include hundreds of unique vulnerability functions informed by data, regional differences in building codes or construction, and insights from recent events.

Tropical Cyclone Models

Market-leading RMS models deliver the reference view of cyclone, hurricane or typhoon risk for each region.

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Explore a range of weather-related peril models to help you build a full picture of risk and successfully manage your exposure.

risk modeler
Risk Modeler 2.0

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.

Offshore Platform

Model hurricane damage to offshore platforms, rigs, wells, and pipelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. Flood

Identify suitable risks, implement refined underwriting guidelines, manage exposure accumulations, and design profitable growth strategies related to flood risk.


Hurricane Laura
Atlantic Hurricane in 2020: Are We in Store for Another Record-Breaking Year?

In the midst of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, with storms forming in rapid sequence, records broken early in the season and four storms already producing significant damage in the Caribbean and U.S., whether we are headed for a record-breaking year is a good question. Various forecast agencies have issued mid-season updates, which signal prospects for the remainder of the season. But what about the 2020 season to date, and how does it compare to notably…

Hurricane Laura
RMS Interviewed on Sky News Talking About Hurricane Laura

Ian King interviewing Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer on Hurricane Laura making landfall.

Hurricane Laura
BBC News Interview With RMS About Hurricane Laura

Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer interviewed live on BBC News about the impacts of Hurricane Laura.

Japan Typhoon and Flood
New Insights Within the Japan Typhoon and Flood HD Model

Japan lies in the northern reaches of the most active tropical cyclone (typhoon) basin in the world; the western North Pacific. Aspects of Japan’s geography, not least its position, make it susceptible to typhoons. And as one of the world’s largest insurance markets, Japan has significant insured exposure at risk to typhoons. It is within this context that RMS has had a typhoon model for Japan for over 25 years—and have now launched our latest—the RMS Japan…

Ridgecrest earthquake road
The Year of the Kitten

Almost three months ago we passed a remarkable record in catastrophe loss. And yet no one seems to want to celebrate it. No banner headlines in the newspapers. No speeches at the Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendezvous. The first half of 2019 generated the lowest catastrophe insurance loss for more than a decade. The estimates come in at: US$15 billion (Munich Re), US$19 billion (Sigma), or US$20 billion (Aon). In straight dollar terms, independent of any…

Three HU
How Did the 2017-2018 Hurricanes Affect Medium-Term Rates?

Earlier this year, RMS released its latest medium-term rates (MTR) forecast for the North Atlantic hurricane basin as part of the North Atlantic Hurricane Models Version 18.1 release. Applicable over the 2019-2023 period, the Version 18.1 forecast represents an update from the previous MTR forecast issued in 2017 for the 2017-2021 period, by reflecting hurricane activity from the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The MTR forecast provides a forward-looking estimate of…

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan’s Wettest Typhoon on Record

Japan continues to assess the extent of the damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis, which made landfall near the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture on Saturday, October 12. Current reports state that at least 66 people have been killed, dozens of people are missing, and hundreds are injured. At this time, the worst impacted prefectures include Nagano, Saitama, Shizuoka, and Fukushima. However, the full extent of the damage is not expected to be known for several…

Northern Bahamas Devastated by Major Hurricane Dorian

Initial reports from the Bahamas suggest that the islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama have been left devastated from Major Hurricane Dorian, evoking memories of the destruction on the eastern Caribbean island of Barbuda in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma just two years ago. A Record-Breaking Hurricane for the Bahamas and the Atlantic Dorian underwent an unprecedented period of rapid intensification between August 31 and September 1, that took…

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