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Build a View of Changing Exposure

Capture the dynamic nature of onsite value ramp-up and changing vulnerability in construction projects, estimating loss throughout construction when only the finished value of the property is available.

Customized Analyses

Gain a true picture of risk at a construction site by considering fluctuating vulnerability and value ramp-up together.

Capture Civil Linear Risks

Vulnerability curves for not only commercial properties also civil linear structures such as tunnels. 

Create a Scenario

Accurately assess the worst-case or average view of risk during a construction project.

Construction-Specific Views

Manage the challenge of assessing onsite vulnerability as construction progresses.

Specialized Loss Views

Examine seven distinct loss views, including average and worst case, and five phases of construction representing critical points in a project.

Enhanced Data Schema

Analyze location-level construction risks by capturing different construction project types within a database designed for interoperability with standard property models.

Data Adjustments

Adjust construction phase and deductibles to reflect the desired phase of construction for a current or hypothetical date.

Capital Adequacy

Inform capital requirement calculations and reinsurance purchase and pricing using the worst-case loss view across different phases of construction.

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