Exposure Data

Exposure data is the foundation of risk modeling – if it’s not accurate, it leads to false confidence, mispricing, and adverse selection. RMS is dedicated to improving the quality of exposure data to provide (re)insurers with better risk differentiation, lower uncertainty in model results, and more granular pricing.

A Comprehensive View of U.S. Property Attributes

The RMS ExposureSource Database contains detailed information on more than 100 million U.S. residential and commercial properties, with accurate attribute data for construction, occupancy, building age, square footage, number of stories, and dozens of others.

Delivered through a fast API, it can be used to seamlessly fill unknown values, enhance model results, check for underinsurance, or gauge data quality from a cedant or submission.

The Industry’s Most Extensively Validated Database

The RMS ExposureSource database “pressure tests” every record with more than 300 validation heuristics to ensure accuracy. Multiple data sets are merged together to check for agreement. A large dedicated team continually improves the database for accuracy. The result? Property data that is accurate, accessible, and fit for purpose.

Exposure Data: Trust but Verify

Exposure data plays a key role in business decisions at the location, account and portfolio level. And for perils like flood, wildfire, and terrorism, small differences in exposure detail can result in large differences in modeled loss. In today’s competitive environment, getting it right every time is table stakes. RMS offers the solution needed to verify every submission.

Smart Valuation

RMS provides estimate of replacement cost structure value with upper and lower bounds, enabling you to detect possible underinsurance, identify data quality issues before they become problems, and ensure appropriate policy coverage.

Enhance Your Automated Quoting

When it comes to automated quoting, requiring less data input leads to better hit ratios. The RMS ExposureSouce Database enables filling in incomplete data, correcting inaccurate entries, and enhancing submissions in a fully automated workflow.

Supercharge Your Modeling and Risk Scoring

Putting more (and better) attributes into a risk model leads to better results with lower uncertainty. And using complete data on every location enables the usage of advanced, high-value secondary modifiers like cladding, roofing, and foundation details. Use the RMS ExposureSource database to raise the bar on your modeling and risk selection efforts.