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The Risk Data Open Standard

A flexible modern data schema that will drive value and innovation throughout the industry.
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Available to everyone

Moody's just released the first version of RDOS for open-source development. From this point forward, anyone is free to review, use, and contribute to the standard.

Modern data schema

Build upon a risk modeling data schema that includes all types of risk data, including exposure, coverage, model settings, and results of analyses.

Completeness and flexibility

Improve efficiency and reduce errors with an unambiguous, auditable analysis view that is interoperable and can support a wide range of modeling algorithms and technologies.

Extensibility and technology choice

Add insight and value to new lines of business with the ability to harness the power of advanced object-relational database technologies.

RDOS in Risk Data Lake enables sharing between Intelligent Risk Platform™ applications

All exposures and losses that you import or generate in the platform, can be used across relevant platform applications and solutions, and the data is centralized in the risk data lake. This ensures that different users can collaborate by sharing data across Intelligent Risk Platform apps.

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Risk Modeler 2.0

Unlock insights and improve real-time decision-making with cloud risk modeling software.

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Proactively manage organization-wide risk concentrations and hot spots, access real-time risk analytics and event forecasting for rapid event response, and generate advanced portfolio insights, at scale.

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