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Realizing the Benefits of Cloud Transformation

Risk trading decisions are complex. Often requiring teams to collaborate across different disciplines, regional and corporate departments, and lines of business using different views of risk based on different exposure data, modeling approaches, or analytical engines. Technology should help reduce this complexity, but most solutions focus on solving specific challenges for underwriting, catastrophe modeling, or portfolio management without accounting for how risk transfer decisions are made for a (re)insurer. Let’s dig into some of the common challenges arising from legacy systems and how cloud-native technology can help deliver greater value to your organization.

Creating Risk Silos

When departments create and store their own version of data, critical business decisions are made with different views of risk. How can (re)insurers- big and small- overcome risk silos that hinder the movement of data across different systems?

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Manual Data Processing

With a paradigm shift in data usage, data mobility has become a progressively larger challenge for both structured and unstructured data. Data must be readily accessible –how can the business access high quality data anytime, from anywhere?

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Inconsistent Financial Modeling

Quantifying theoretical damages and converting them into financial losses may seem straight-forward, but what happens when different disciplines use different approaches?

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Productivity Bottlenecks

(Re)insurers rely on Cat Modelers to understand and quantify risk. How can Risk Modeler deliver better performance, speed, and scale to meet their needs?

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Manual Data Onboarding

During catastrophe events, everyone feels the pressure to deliver timely insights. How does manually uploading event footprints impact your ability to support the business?

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Inconsistent Geocoding

Each address should represent a single location regardless of what application you are running. How can different geocoding engines impact profitability and growth?

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Asking the Right Questions

With the increased frequency and severity of catastrophe events, it has never been more challenging to achieve meaningful growth. Risk continues to grow in complexity, leaving insurers struggling to select the right technology to price risks more effectively, build a more diversified portfolio, and underwrite more business without compromising guidelines. Future-proofing your technology for the new world of risk starts with asking the right questions to help you reduce risk volatility, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. Our buyer's guides help you ask the tough questions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your technology.

Cloud Risk Analytics

Realize the full value of your data, generate new insights, and reduce risk volatility with advanced analytics.

Catastrophe Modeling

Improve risk selection, pricing, portfolio steering, and transfer with robust catastrophe modeling software.

Exposure Management

Proactively manage risk across your entire organization without the need for maintaining multiple tools.

Treaty Analysis

Equip underwriters with flexible program structuring and analytics along with up-to-date portfolio monitoring for improved risk structuring and selection.

Underwriting Analytics

Improve underwriting decision-making for cat-exposed business with an easy-to-use and highly configurable SaaS application.

Risk Management Solutions Driving Real-World Success

See how our customers are able to improve their risk operations by rethinking their approach to risk management. By partnering with Moody's RMS, these customers have realized the benefits of our end-to-end risk management solutions, including our cloud risk platform, location intelligence, and consulting services to help them conduct more dynamic risk assessments and achieve better business outcomes.

Golden Bear Insurance Company Achieves Up to 40% Increase in Underwriting Efficiency

Golden Bear required a reconfiguration of its data ecosystem that would fully integrate and sync all platforms and support much greater process automation. See how Moody's RMS Consulting Services carried out the integration process to automate key workflows and help them improve underwriting analytics.

Golden Bear

HX Accelerates Innovation in Catastrophe Risk Management with the Intelligent Risk Platform™

Moody's RMS partners with HX to help them realize its vision of providing the world’s clearest window into the global insurance markets and enabling smarter decision making for its clients. Migrating to the Intelligent Risk Platform provided Howden with the flexibility and scalability to respond to expanding business opportunities and shifting client demand. With means new HD models – including HD models – and Risk analytics in the cloud can be easily embedded into existing infrastructure almost instantaneously.


Hiscox Expects to double its Underwriting Capacity with RMS Location Intelligence

Legacy technology and traditional approaches limited Hiscox’s ability to be a provider of primary insurance in the U.S. market through its partner network. Hiscox revamped the technology and process used to underwrite the business- moving away from spreadsheets to an e-trading platform that could deliver high quality underwriting analytics.


Let's Talk Practice Leadership

Interested in how risk analytics in the cloud can help you ensure greater consistency of models, facilitate data movement across different systems, or improve exposure risk data management? Grab a cup of joe and hear from Moody's RMS experts as they discuss how embracing advanced technology can help address key challenges facing the industry today and into the future.

Moe Khosravy
Enhanced Risk Insights

Moe Khosravy, EVP Software and Platform, discusses how the RMS cloud platform enables powerful risk insights.

Cihan Biyikoglu
Unified View of Risk

Cihan Biyikoglu, EVP, Product discusses data challenges and the importance of integrated decisions.

Shaheen Razzaq
Make More Informed Decisions

Shaheen Razzaq, Sr. Director, Product Management discusses optimizations for the exposure management workflow.

Oli Morran
Solutions For Different Portfolio Challenges

Oliver Morran, Director of Product Management, discusses the advantage of connected portfolio applications.

Lonny Bastien
Harnessing the Power of Cloud

Lonny Bastien, Senior Director of Cloud and Risk Analytics discusses the journey to cloud.

Innovative Solutions for Your Biggest Challenges

Exposure and Portfolio Management

Experience the future of portfolio management with ExposureIQ.

Risk Modeler
Risk Modeling

Move risk management to the cloud for faster, easier risk insights with Risk Modeler.

Intelligent Risk Platform
Intelligent Risk Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a comprehensive platform.

Treaty Analysis

Turn underwriting expertise into superior pricing and returns with TreatyIQ.

Enhanced Underwriting Analytics
Enhanced Underwriting Analytics

Automate underwriting workflows and analytics with UnderwriteIQ.

city landscape
Assess Location Risk in Seconds

Reduce underwriting overhead and make informed decisions faster than ever.

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