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Rethink How You Analyze Risk

Staying competitive requires risk organizations to be more agile, productive, and innovative. To balance growth with regulatory requirements and portfolio exposure, enterprise risk managers need integrated, portfolio-wide solutions.

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IT Investments for Better Outcomes

All too often, business goals are weighed down by technology unsuited for more complex, connected and systemic risk. Risk managers face disjointed, siloed approaches to risk that hinder collaboration and limit productivity – even with the most advanced modeling approaches and high-quality data. To meet today’s challenges and respond to new risk paradigms, companies need consistent, trusted data, collaborative applications, and a unified view of risk.

Cost Efficiencies

What are the hidden IT costs of risk model validation, and how can cloud-native solutions such as Risk Modeler significantly simplify the process?

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Data Quality

Data fidelity is crucial for effective risk model validation – how does data become compromised, and how is Risk Modeler tackling these challenges head-on?

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Everyone want access to the latest view of risk, but model validation can take months to complete. How does the cloud reduce this process to just a few weeks?

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Improved Productivity

(Re)insurers rely on Cat Modelers to understand and quantify risk. How can Risk Modeler deliver better performance, speed, and scale to meet their needs?

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Solutions Driving Real-World Success

See how our customers are rethinking risk management.

When the Minutes Matter Most

A specialist Lloyd's Syndicate used RMS ExposureIQ™ to reduce its terrorism analytics lifecycle from three days to just three hours while improving exposure management capabilities and ramping up event response. Understand how ExposureIQ can facilitate faster, more informed, profitable decisions.

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Top-10 Global Reinsurer Achieves Single-Source Consistent Data

A global reinsurance company operating a proprietary model framework wanted to optimize its data environment. RMS collaborated with the reinsurer to create a fully harmonized data environment that is built upon a single view of risk and enabling on-demand data analysis.

Top 10 Global Insurer

Let's Talk Practice Leadership

Grab a cup of joe and hear from RMS experts as they discuss how embracing advanced technology can help address key challenges facing the industry today and into the future.

Moe Khosravy
Enhanced Risk Insights

Moe Khosravy, EVP Software and Platform, discusses how the RMS cloud platform enables powerful risk insights.

Cihan Biyikoglu
Unified View of Risk

Cihan Biyikoglu, EVP, Product discusses data challenges and the importance of integrated decisions.

Shaheen Razzaq
Make More Informed Decisions

Shaheen Razzaq, Sr. Director, Product Management discusses optimizations for the exposure management workflow.

Oli Morran
Solutions For Different Portfolio Challenges

Oliver Morran, Director of Product Management, discusses the advantage of connected portfolio applications.

Lonny Bastien
Harnessing the Power of Cloud

Lonny Bastien, Senior Director of Cloud and Risk Analytics discusses the journey to cloud.

Innovative Solutions for Your Biggest Challenges

Exposure and Portfolio Management

Experience the future of portfolio management with ExposureIQ.

Risk Modeler
Risk Modeling

Move risk management to the cloud for faster, easier risk insights with Risk Modeler.

Intelligent Risk Platform
Intelligent Risk Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a comprehensive platform.

Treaty Analysis

Turn underwriting expertise into superior pricing and returns with TreatyIQ.

Assess Location Risk in Seconds

Reduce underwriting overhead and make more informed decisions faster than ever.

Climate Change
Climate Change

Increase resilience, improve governance, and make better business planning decisions, by operationalizing climate change analytics.

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