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For over 30 years, RMS has led the way in transforming the catastrophe risk industry, helping organizations make better decisions to improve human and environmental outcomes. By combining proven modeling science with powerful advances in technology, RMS Risk Intelligence solutions enable clients to better assess risk and reduce uncertainty.

High Quality Catastrophe Models Make All the Difference

In the face of uncertainty, advanced catastrophe modeling is indispensable. Get better data. Gain more confidence. Discover how science and curiosity drives RMS to get closer to the risk data to provide better insights for our customers.

Watch Mohsen Rahnama, PhD, CRMO, and EVP of RMS Model Development, discuss the art of building the best models in our Models, Experts, and Coffee series.

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Risk Insights for Tomorrow’s (Re)Insurers

Be forward thinking and future ready. Rethink how you use technology, people, and processes to powerfully improve your business performance. Digital transformation is at the heart of advancing operations and opening new business possibilities.

Tap Into the RMS Advantage

Prepare your teams with intensive data, state-of-the-art models, preeminent risk experts, and coverage that spans the entire globe. Whether you’re an insurer, reinsurer, or broker, RMS has the vision, ability, and commitment to help you maximize your investments in a world of escalating risk.

Discover how RMS helps customers outperform and prepare for tomorrow.

60 Trillion Data Points

in RMS Location Intelligence API

Over 1,000

RMS models and data products


of top brokers in the U.S. choose RMS

18 Million

simulated fires in RMS Wildfire Model

120 Countries

covered by RMS models and data products 


of top U.S. commercial insurers choose RMS

9 out of 10

global reinsurers choose RMS

Over 50% of RMS model developers are PhDs

from the world’s top universities

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News and Insights

Insurance: The next 10 years

Mohsen Rahnama, Cihan Biyikoglu and Moe Khosravy of RMS look to 2029, consider the changes the (re)insurance industry will have undergone and explain why all roads lead to a platform Over the last 30 years, catastrophe models have become an integral part of the insurance industry for portfolio risk management. During this time, the RMS model suite has evolved and expanded from the initial IRAS model  — which covered California earthquake — to a…

This changes everything
This Changes Everything

At Exceedance 2020, RMS explored the key forces currently disrupting the industry, from technology, data analytics and the cloud through to rising extremes of catastrophic events like the pandemic and climate change. This coupling of technological and environmental disruption represents a true inflection point for the industry. EXPOSURE asked six experts across RMS for their views on why they believe these forces will change everything Cloud Computing: Moe…

The data difference
The Data Difference

The value of data as a driver of business decisions has grown exponentially as the importance of generating sustainable underwriting profit becomes the primary focus for companies in response to recent diminished investment yields. Increased risk selection scrutiny is more important than ever to maintain underwriting margins. High-caliber, insightful risk data is critical for the data analytics that support each risk decision The insurance industry is in a…

A solution shared
A Solution Shared

The Risk Data Open Standard is now available, and active industry collaboration is essential for achieving wide-scale interoperability objectives On January 31, the first version of the Risk Data Open Standard™ (RDOS) was made available to the risk community and the public on the GitHub platform. The RDOS is an “open” standard because it is available with no fees or royalties and anyone can review, download, contribute to or leverage the RDOS…

The future of risk management
The Future of Risk Management

(Re)insuring new and emerging risks requires data and, ideally, a historical loss record upon which to manage an exposure. But what does the future of risk management look like when so many of these exposures are intangible or unexpected?  Sudden and dramatic breakdowns become more likely in a highly interconnected and increasingly polarized world, warns the “Global Risks Report 2019” from the World Economic Forum (WEF). “Firms should focus as much on…

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