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Understand a Multi-Peril Risk

Quantify potential losses and effectively manage, underwrite, and price multi-peril, correlated risk across the U.S. and Canada to reduce your combined ratio. 

Specialized Vulnerability Curves

Includes all key winterstorm damage modes – roof collapse under snow, ice damming, wind damage, icing causing treefall, burst pipes, and basement flooding.

Split Out Sub-Perils

Examine losses from snow, ice, freeze, and extratropical winds individually or together, whether from rapid accumulation of small losses or large tail events costing billions.

Tested and Validated

Thorough validation tests both the model hazard and vulnerability functions, using sources ranging from respected climate data to detailed historic losses.

Model Features

Benefit from using our model to gain a clear understanding of your winterstorm risk.

Cross-Border Correlation

Understand U.S. and Canada cross-border risk correlation to assist with accumulation management and portfolio growth strategies.

Holistic View

Tap into the strengths of four-dimensional numerical weather modeling combined with statistical analysis of historical conditions.

Effective Benchmarking

Improve internal evaluation, stress testing, and benchmarking using reconstructions of nine major historic winterstorm events. 

Comprehensive Event Set

Use a fully representative stochastic event set characterizing 30,000 years of winterstorm activity, capturing all four sub-perils with spatial and temporal correlations.

Regional and Country Winterstorm Models

Regional Models

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North America Winterstorm
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  • United States

North America
Latin America
North America Winterstorm
  • Canada

  • United States


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Winter 2015: A Season to Remember (or Forget)

This winter has brought a barrage of storms and Arctic air to more than half of the U.S., notably the New England region, resulting in record amounts of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and bitterly cold temperatures. Arguably, no other major city has been more directly impacted than Boston, Massachusetts. As of March 9, the city has received 105.7 inches of snow this season over three times the average seasonal total for the region! It's the second…

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Winter Storm Juno: Three Facts about “Snowmageddon 2015”

By Jeff Waters, meteorologist and senior analyst, business solutions There were predictions that Winter Storm Juno—which many in the media and on social media dubbed “Snowmageddon 2015”—would be one of the worst blizzards to ever hit the East Coast. By last evening, grocery stores from New Jersey to Maine were stripped bare and residents were hunkered down in their homes. Blizzard of 2015: Bus Snow Prep. Photo: Metropolitan Transportation…

The Blizzard of 2016: The Historical Significance of Winter Storm Jonas

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