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Greater Understanding of Risk

Lenders, mortgage security holders, and property equity owners in real estate are giving more scrutiny to climate and catastrophe risks than ever before. A changing climate, significant under-insurance for U.S. earthquake, and dated FEMA flood maps all contribute to climate risks carried by the financial markets.

Understand Default Risk

Work with our experts to produce a risk assessment including loss potential due to uninsured risk from natural perils (earthquake, flood, wildfire).

Improve Loan Underwriting

Improve accuracy and efficiency when evaluating risks from natural perils such as earthquake and flood during loan underwriting with Moody's insurance solutions.

Inform ESG Reporting

Obtain climate metrics, quantify impacts of climate change on physical assets, and influence long-term business strategy. 

Unique Insights to Avoid Disaster

Bring the power of probabilistic analytics around climate and catastrophe risk to your business to understand and mitigate the risks.

Mortgage Risk Holders

Determine your exposure to uninsured earthquake risk in existing portfolios of mortgage-backed assets.

Real Estate Investment

Rapidly assess new property acquisition for flood risks to reduce long-term exposure to physical climate risks.

Loan Underwriting

Quickly identify commercial properties exposed to earthquake risk with comprehensive risk screening via API. 

Sustainable Portfolio Management

Identify the current and future physical risks climate presents to your portfolio.

Portfolio Risk Management

Identify hot spots and portfolio concentrations for uninsured catastrophe risks that could drive systemic risk on a risk- and impact-adjusted basis.

Portfolio Valuation Post-Event

Gain insight into damage impact and disruption to understand the full range of economic consequences from a catastrophic or climate event.

Risk Transfer

Transfer the earthquake and flood risk from your portfolio of physical assets to traditional insurance or alternative capital markets.

Expert Teams That Understand Catastrophe Risk

Leverage world-class experts in catastrophe risk, financial and property risk management, and disaster preparedness analytics.

Event Response Services

Predict the potential impact of active catastrophic events on your business with high-fidelity event response data delivered in real time.

Assess Risk and Strategy

Moody's consultants help analyze your current risk position, identify opportunities and threats, and uncover ways models can enhance your organization’s risk management.

Related Products


Sierra Ltd. – Parametric Mortgage Risk Transfer

Earthquake can lead to widespread mortgage defaults. As borrowers hand back keys for destroyed properties, lenders are left with no possibility to recover their losses. Moody's analytics and expertise on parametric risk transfer enabled a large investor in U.S. mortgage-related securities to transfer a layer of this risk to the capital markets, through a first-of-its-kind catastrophe bond issuance, Sierra Ltd.


Screening for Flood Risk During Property Acquisition

A leading commercial real estate company has taken a strategic decision to invest in properties that will continue to be viable over a 30-year period. Focusing on flood, Moody's insurance solutions data and tools enabled the entity to assess risk on a site-by-site basis and only acquire properties with low flood risk.

Seismic Risk

Seismic Risk Screening During Loan Underwriting

A commercial lender wanted to improve its loan underwriting process to consider seismic risk to multi-family properties. Using Moody's products, the lender built out a process to rapidly screen properties at risk for loss due to an earthquake event.  


Understanding a Utility Portfolio’s Exposure to Wildfire Risk

An investment firm wanted to understand the risk U.S. wildfire posed to its utility's investments. Moody's computed county-level loss amounts from fire. The investment firm utilized this data to determine the utility company’s exposure to wildfire risk. 

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