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Understand Your Surrounding Risk Landscape to Drive Better Results

Whether you’re making critical business decisions related to high-value risk locations, trying to discern proximity to various hazards, or looking for areas to target new business, Moody's maps can provide the insights you need. Through visualizing the surrounding risk landscape, you gain the confidence to proceed with the job at hand. Easily determine whether a single location should be underwritten or if too many locations are exposed to significant risk. 



Enhance Underwriting Decisions

Automation in underwriting is becoming increasingly commonplace, but there are always those risks that need a closer look. Whether a "referral" due to having moderate hazard detected or a large industrial facility that warrants closer inspection, Moody's hazard maps can help clarify the risk landscape and deliver the insights needed to proceed with a decision.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Combining exposure with hazard can enable today’s portfolio manager to quickly and easily identify problematic risk clusters and initiate appropriate remedial action. Moody's hazard maps are underpinned by superior model science and can guide you toward the right decision for your organization.

Expand Your Business

With the power of visualizing a given hazard combined with your existing portfolio, it’s easier than ever to identify and uncover areas to target for business expansion. Utilize best-in-class hazard data that is consistent with our probabilistic offerings.

Inform Disaster Planning

Determining the location for investments or quantifying the cost-benefit analysis of new resiliency measures – including flood defenses – can often be informed through cutting-edge Moody's hazard maps derived from the latest science and technology.

Explore Our Maps

Create clarity on the nearby hazard environment with our suite of Moody's maps.

Europe Inland Flood Maps

Moody's Europe Inland Flood Maps use the same science that underpins our probabilistic Europe Flood HD Models to create high-quality flood maps across the full model domain. The maps provide a view of flood extent and severity across multiple return periods to assess risk at both short and long exceedance probabilities, considering both defended and undefended views of risk.

  • 13-country coverage
  • 7 return periods
  • 5-meter resolution
  • Extent and severity
  • Defended and undefended views
Earthquake Hazard Maps

Earthquakes can occur with little to no warning, causing devastating impacts that can have lasting effects on communities. Assessing the possible local impact of earthquakes is possible with Moody's Earthquake Hazard Maps, which are derived from our probabilistic earthquake models to provide views of earthquake intensity across multiple return periods to understand local seismicity. Additionally, maps are available to understand geotechnical hazards, such as the underlying soil or the potential for liquefaction and landslides.

  • Earthquake intensity maps (i.e., Modified Mercalli Intensity)
  • Multiple return periods
  • Geotechnical hazard (soil, liquefaction, landslide)
Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog

The Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog allows companies to assess their exposure to subduction zone-induced tsunami on a global scale in both modeled and non-modeled regions. Our Global Tsunami Scenario Catalog consists of 29 tsunami footprints, which represent deterministic subduction zone-induced tsunami events and provide information on both global inundation extent and maximum inundation depth at a location, providing these values as banded depths.

  • Global coverage
  • 29 scenario footprints
  • 11 historical events 
  • Inundation extents and maximum inundation depth ranges
Geopolitical Maps

Getting a grip on exposure and understanding the geographic representation of exposure can be a challenging task. Fortunately, this is made simple with access to Moody's Geopolitical Maps, allowing companies to create consistency in risk assessment using the data that underpins our proprietary geocoding solution, available for any territory in the world.

  • Global coverage
  • Postal code boundaries
  • Administrative areas
  • CRESTA zones
Global Flood Data & Maps

Flooding affects every country in the world. The peril does not respect geopolitical boundaries. To help clients understand flooding in non-modeled countries, Moody's offers a set of Global Flood Maps that provide flood extent and severity globally, derived using a unique machine learning algorithm trained on hydrological data from our existing flood models.

  • Global coverage
  • 10-meter resolution
  • Extent and severity
  • Multiple return periods
  • Defended & Undefended Views
  • Inland and Coastal Flooding
  • Developed with a unique machine learning algorithm

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