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Unified Underwriting Solutions for P&C Insurers

Moody’s underwriting solutions deliver consistent and trusted data across lines of business to support decision-making from pre-bind quoting to portfolio steering. Built on cloud-native technology, each product delivers fast and power analytics that easily embed in new or existing workflows.


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Large Commercial and Account Underwriting

Treaty Underwriting

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Sustainable Underwriting

Location Intelligence API delivers high-resolution, robust, and comprehensive data that can be directly integrated into existing systems. It harnesses terabytes of catastrophe simulation data to provide unmatched insights of individual properties in real time, so underwriters can make better and more informed risk decisions with location-specific attributes delivered in sub-second latency. 

The UnderwriteIQ™ application   empowers underwriters with robust Moody’s RMS hazard data and peril models for the analytics needed to enhance the speed and quality of underwriting decisions. This   easy-to-use and highly configurable cloud-native application improves underwriting decision-making for cat-exposed business and complex risks.

The TreatyIQ™ application provides advanced treaty analytics and portfolio roll-up, unifying treaty underwriting and portfolio management within a single intuitive application. Model-agnostic insights on risk levels, profitability, marginal impact, and portfolio risk drivers deliver superior pricing, participation, and risk transfer decisions for property treaty reinsurers and brokers.

Our sustainable underwriting solution seamlessly embeds advanced environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into pre-bind and post-bind workflows. It unlocks   new opportunities to engage with your insured clients, differentiate your product offerings, and proactively mitigate reputational risk. Available in the award-winning ExposureIQ™ application for exposure management, our sustainable underwriting analytics use the same exposure  data and financial engine as the UnderwriteIQ application, TreatyIQ application, Risk Modeler™ software, and Location Intelligence API, so all your workflows are connected under a unified view of risk.

Customer Success Stories

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Navigate risk: Moody’s U.S. property insights map

Discover the value of the data that underpins Location Intelligence API with the Moody’s U.S. Property Insights Map. Our interactive map showcases the depth and breadth of Moody’s underwriting insights, including property risk scores, exposure and hazard data, and loss costs analytics.

Discover how Moody’s data can help you understand the risks associated with any residential property in the continental U.S. Simply submit an address and we’ll email you a customized property risk assessment.

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Third Party Modeling for Underwriting

We are committed to supporting our unified, collaborative platform that accelerates innovation and helps customers curate highly tailored views of risk. Third-party modeling on the Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™ empowers underwriters to gain a deeper understanding of risk with access to more than 400 Moody’s RMS models, more than 300 models running on the Oasis Loss Modeling Framework, and your homegrown models. By using our underwriting applications, you can analyze, blend, and group results across multiple vendors to better price, select, and transfer interconnected risk across perils, geographies, and lines of business. 

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State of Sustainable Underwriting Market

(Re)insurers are facing pressures from internal and external stakeholders to operationalize public ESG commitments by understanding the ESG scores of their insureds. For the second year, Moody’s Analytics and Moody’s Insurance Solutions team have conducted a comprehensive, independently run market survey to learn where the market is on its journey to implement ESG risk factors into portfolio management and underwriting workflows.

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Improve underwriting decision-making for cat-exposed business with an easy-to-use and highly configurable SaaS application.

Location Intelligence API

Gain better underwriting perspective with instant access to the world’s best catastrophe insights.

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Achieve your target portfolio by utilizing the advanced, customizable pricing and portfolio roll-up analytics direct to the property catastrophe underwriter.

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Sustainable underwriting

Moody’s RMS delivers both the financial material and sustainability focused perspectives on a broad spectrum of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics to improve insurance decision-making, portfolio management, and underwriting.

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Risk Modeler 2.0

Unlock insights and improve real-time decision-making with cloud risk modeling software.

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