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Insights for Advantage

Underwriting cat-exposed property is a high-stakes game that demands the most accurate measurement of location-level exposure and risk. There are many data sources but few offer real insight. Quick and intuitive insights based on Moody's RMS science is the solution the industry has been looking for.

Insights for Advantage

Disconnected Views of Risk

When evaluating and pricing risk, underwriters are too often forced to use inferior datasets that don’t correspond to metrics used when those risks flow through to the bound portfolio.

Consistent View of Risk

Moody's RMS Data and analytics come directly from our industry-leading models. Allowing underwriters to use this as decision-making criteria provides consistency between decisions made at the point of underwriting with downstream portfolio management and reinsurance.

Slow and Unintuitive Analytics

Having to rely on their peers to generate and present the analytics they need to make important risk decisions leaves underwriters at a competitive disadvantage while putting strain on overworked support teams.

Self-Serve Analytics, Fast

Moody's RMS Data, and the analytics that leverage this data, serves the analytics underwriter's need in sub-second times. Risk decision-makers can make more informed decisions by accessing the right analytics at the right time.

Patchwork of Data

Risk profiling frequently entails significant legwork to assemble data piecemeal – different providers with inconsistent metrics that are hard to combine.

All Hazards in One Place

Whether you need to evaluate wildfire risk in California, flood risk in the United Kingdom, or earthquake risk in New Zealand, Moody's RMS provides this in a single API call or through an application designed and developed for underwriters.

Underwrite With Ease

In a rapidly hardening market, understanding risks before they are on your books has never been more important. Moody's RMS can help you stay ahead.

Quality Data

Trust that your data is derived from proven models and well respected in the industry for greater confidence underwriting new risks.

Intuitive Analytics

Leverage Moody's RMS Data with the applications designed and built for decision-makers to make more informed decisions at the point of underwriting.

New Markets

Expand your portfolio into new areas with data on events and markets that may not have been on your radar before.

Portfolio Context

Make decisions on individual risks with the understanding of your current portfolio. Leverage Moody's RMS solutions to give underwriters the confidence they are making the right decision every time.

Resource Efficiency

Save time and manage overhead efficiently by using Moody's RMS products as part of your underwriting process.

Speed and Accuracy

Underwrite with speed and precision thanks to high-quality data that enables accurate measurement of cat risk on every single risk pre-quote.

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