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Insurance Solutions

Formerly Moody’s RMS

Integrating Into Your Business

Our best-practice approach ensures that Moody's products are successfully implemented into your workflow in a way that lets you achieve your optimal business outcome.

Optimize Investment

Drive workflow efficiencies and surface additional insights when implementing new risk and exposure analytics by thinking holistically about what can be improved.

Accelerate Time to Value

Adopt new technology and process faster with proven process methodology, tooling, testing plans, integration adapters, and workflow orchestration engines.

Minimize Risk

Adopt a predictable implementation path that leverages our experience and lessons learned with a delivery methodology that quickly identifies unknowns and mitigates execution risks.

Implementation Services

Informed by decades of experience, our approach ensures consistency in our implementations and continuous improvement so that clients are set up with cat modeling best practices.

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Automation and Integration

We develop system integrations and automated solutions that remove manual tasks and improve throughput for a variety of use cases, including insurance account modeling, reinsurance cedant modeling, regulatory reporting, event response, underwriting moratoriums, and more.

Custom Software

For business capabilities beyond our standard solutions, we can help combine Moody's insurance solutions with your own data, tools, or applications. We follow the same best-practice methodology as our turnkey implementations and can help develop models, applications, utilities, and tools.

Software Deployment

Moody's insurance solutions consulting services are trusted by over 200 companies to install and configure Moody's core software applications. Our deployment engineers work closely with IT teams to ensure the deployed software consistently meets business requirements.

Adoption Assurance

Adoption assurance services help clients efficiently adopt Moody's insurance solutions and are tailored to your situation. Our core package defines an adoption path and implements best practices. An enhanced package optimizes resource allocation and de-risks project delivery. The comprehensive offering ensures the fastest time to value with a low-risk delivery project.

Helping Customers Outperform

Automating key activities in a U.S. broker’s wholesale broking workflow, we helped them achieve projected savings of $800K.

Automation and integration with an in-house client portal for a London market broker saved 80% of analyst time.

Streamlined workflows for treaty underwriting for a U.S. Reinsurer to increase submission capacity by 37%.

Used a bespoke Risk Modeler™ integration to bring marginal impact to the underwriting workflow for an Americas reinsurer to improve capacity utilization.

Developed bespoke integration tools for an E.U. reinsurer to streamline and enhance treaty underwriting, with senior modeler staff time reduced by up to 50%.

Enhanced workflows for an E.U. reinsurer to improve underwriting performance, resulting in a €3M increase in net income after two years.

Automated underwriting workflow for a U.S. insurer, to reduce manual tasks by 650 hours per year, for increased earnings of up to $800k per year.

Customer Success


Getting Ahead of the Curve on Data Quality

Incomplete or inaccurate data assessment can bias model results and impact business decisions. In our latest Illustrate case study, we look at how Moody's insurance solutions team worked with Securis to enhance the quality of its cedant-provided data.

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