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Global Reach and Local Support

RMS offers models, data, software, and a wide range of analytical services tailored to the needs of the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in Australia, India, China, Singapore, and Japan.

Continuing Regional Investment

Our expanding regional presence offers firsthand insight and understanding of market needs through collaborations with the (re)insurance industry, local experts, and academia.

Science and Innovation

The RMS models-and-data road map places strong emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region, recognizing its importance in the global insurance arena.

Focused Solutions

RMS offers market-focused solutions for earthquakes, floods, tropical cyclones, and severe convective storms across the Asia-Pacific region.

Applying the Insights

Backed by a large global model development team, RMS is committed to industry-leading science and has pioneered many innovations in catastrophe models and risk management.

Extended Peril Coverage

Over 35 regional models and solutions covering cyclone/typhoon, earthquake, inland flood, coastal flood (from surge and tsunami), agriculture, infectious disease, severe convective storm, and terrorism.

Complete View

Our solutions account for all related hazards and perils, including fire-following earthquake, landslide, liquefaction, inland and coastal flood, and tsunami. 

Latest Science

Regional earthquake models benefit from innovations including a comprehensive approach to modeling tsunami, liquefaction, and landslide to supplement the perils of shake and fire.

Innovative Frameworks

Recent earthquake models feature our new simulation framework that includes temporal simulation of the hazard and ground-up losses at the location-coverage level. 

Understanding New Risks

RMS delivers unique, market-first solutions for perils such as cyber and marine risk as we develop modeling solutions to address important market needs. 

Event Response

RMS monitors events 365 days a year to provide industry-leading event response services that enable clients to quickly determine insured exposures.

Business Transformation

We work closely with you to understand your business challenges and develop resilient risk management strategies and solutions that optimize performance, processes, and information exchange.

Capital Market Advisory

RMS has the largest, most experienced insurance-linked securities (ILS) team in the market, providing expert risk analyses for a diverse range of perils.

On-Demand Services

Our worldwide team of 400 analysts offers deep domain and RMS solution experience, helping expand processing capacity and analyze cat risks more effectively.


peril model and data combinations covered by RMS APAC solutions


of APAC GWP countries covered for cyclone risk


of APAC property GWP countries covered for earthquake risk

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Case Study


Christchurch Earthquake 2011
Earthquake Insurance: Should California Be More Like New Zealand?

This article was originally published by Reactions Magazine, click here to read the article (Reactions subscribers only). California has eight-times the population of New Zealand (40 million compared to 5 million), and more than ten times the Gross Domestic Product. California is also geographically around sixty percent larger. Both regions are seismically active. But did you know there is more insured residential earthquake exposure in New Zealand than there…

Recent Cyberattacks Raise Awareness of Cyber Risk in New Zealand, Australia, and Countries Across Asia

Leaders representing smaller nations might assume that cyber risk faced by their countries would be much lower than that for larger countries, such as the U.S. or Japan. This belief could be based simply on the number of reported cyber events and associated news coverage within their country. But recent cyberattacks have demonstrated that this view is mistaken. All countries face cyber risk, regardless of size. On August 25, 2020, the New Zealand Stock…

Japan Typhoon and Flood
New Insights Within the Japan Typhoon and Flood HD Model

Japan lies in the northern reaches of the most active tropical cyclone (typhoon) basin in the world; the western North Pacific. Aspects of Japan’s geography, not least its position, make it susceptible to typhoons. And as one of the world’s largest insurance markets, Japan has significant insured exposure at risk to typhoons. It is within this context that RMS has had a typhoon model for Japan for over 25 years—and have now launched our latest—the RMS Japan…

Aerial view of city landscape at night
Putting the Power of HD Modeling to Work in Three Updated Risk Models for Critical Perils Covering Japan and Europe

At the RMS Exceedance 2020 virtual conference in May, we shared with attendees our product release plan covering a number of models. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of three new models for our customers. Together with the U.S. Wildfire HD Model, these models all use the new high-definition (HD) modeling framework and are available in our Risk Modeler 2.0 application today. These include: Japan Typhoon and Inland Flood HD Model: …

Earthquake Damage in Chile
High-Definition Modeling: A Game Changer for Catastrophe Risk Management

The RMS high-definition (HD) models are the latest generation of the RMS probabilistic modeling suite, incorporating features that allow flexible catastrophe risk management to meet the requirements of the evolving catastrophe risk market. But what does HD mean for the users of the models, and their metrics and analytics? Innovation driving quality of modeling insights RMS has been building catastrophe risk models for more than 30 years. The RiskLink® DLM…

Japan Earthquake Damage
Japan Seismic Risk: Don’t Forget the Faults!

Japan and more specifically Tokyo lie at the intersection where the Pacific and Philippine Sea tectonic plates are pushed under Eurasia. It is not surprising then that megathrust earthquakes along these tectonic plate boundaries drive the seismic risk in this region with their large magnitudes and relatively short return periods. It is important to understand that the story of seismic risk does not end there. In Japan, like many other places around the world…

New Zealand Earthquake
New Zealand Earthquake: How the Last Decade Has Changed Everything

Go back to this time 10 years ago and earthquake risk in New Zealand was a relatively low priority for the global (re)insurance industry; a decade later, and this perspective has certainly changed. Insured losses of around NZ$40 billion (US$24.1 billion) came from the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (CES) and the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake; the former is the world’s second largest earthquake insured loss. These events had a considerable impact across…

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