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Insurance Solutions

Formerly Moody’s RMS

An Important Industry. A Bold Opportunity.

As a leader in the catastrophe risk industry, we’re developing new innovations and exploring unprecedented science, technology, and modeling possibilities. Moody's RMS is shaping the world’s view of risk for insurers, reinsurers, financial services organizations, and the public sector. We’re solving cutting-edge problems of growth, scale, and usability by giving the next generation of analysts, managers, and executives the tools they need to tackle some of the world's toughest problems.

Intelligent Risk Platform

From Climate Change to Pandemics, We Provide Powerful Risk Insights

The Moody's RMS Intelligent Risk Platform helps thousands of companies, governments, and institutions better understand and respond to risk. As we grow and expand our platform, we can deliver better insights to more organizations and help more people around the world.

A Great Place to Build Your Tech Career

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Building New Ways to Work

More than just the freedom to work from anywhere, our distributed global approach is about new ways to collaborate and build together.

  • Internet and equipment allowance
  • Flexible work hours
  • Competitive equity and bonus plan
  • A growing global community

How We Work

An Inclusive, Supportive Process

An Inclusive, Supportive Process

We use clear, repeatable product development processes that all of our teams and stakeholders understand and embrace. It is representative of the entire organization with the needs of each group fairly and fully represented. We keep it simple with clearly articulated essential steps and no bureaucracy. And accountability is built in with vital checkpoints that keep us on track.

A Smart Design System

A Smart Design System

Our Radius Design System is our single source of truth. With all the elements needed to create experiences consistent with our principles, design language, and best practices, you can move forward with confidence. The well-defined guidelines, components, and patterns offer the resources designers, developers, and UX experts need to do great work.

Our Principles


Our Designers and Software Developers play a fundamental role in defining the products we build and deliver intuitive and delightful experiences to our customers.


We are a diverse, inter-disciplinary team that collaborates closely. By aligning design, software, product, and other disciplines across the organization, we deliver connected solutions built on best practice success.

Data Driven

We value experiences, ideas, and opinions while leveraging data and analytics to make the best decisions to serve our customers and grow as a team and organization.


We have a high bar when it comes to delivering on our vision and providing smart, connected, data-driven applications and SaaS services that help the world manage risk.

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