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Global Reach and Local Support

As the European market continues to develop, RMS delivers a vision of risk built on modern science, data, and lessons learned from global events. We help our clients efficiently and appropriately manage and create value from catastrophe risk with local experts in Europe.

Regulatory Expertise

Build upon our experience with regulatory bodies for deeper understanding of opportunities, trends, and approaches to managing risk and capital under Solvency II.

Innovative Offerings

Through RMS Risk Intelligence™ there are a variety of applications available to help you manage your risk strategy.

Focused Solutions

RMS offers market-focused solutions for windstorm, flood, severe convective storm, and earthquakes alongside global emerging risks such as cyber and terrorism.

Innovative Solutions

Backed by a large global model development team, RMS is committed to industry-leading science and has pioneered many innovations in catastrophe models and risk management.

Extended Peril Coverage

We can help support your emerging risk strategy by offering extensive model coverage for the region, including windstorm, flood, severe convective storm, and earthquake.

Industry Relationships

Our relationships with scientific entities, local engineers, and building structure experts integrate the most modern science, data, and historical events in our view of risk.

Pioneering Research

RMS works with local scientific agencies and researchers to remain at the forefront of pioneering research and development in global earthquake risk.

Event Response

RMS monitors events 365 days a year to provide industry-leading event response services that enable clients to quickly determine insured exposures.

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Assess a location’s risk to multiple perils and key third-party insights in seconds with this application.

Location Intelligence API

Gain better underwriting perspective with instant access to the world’s best catastrophe insights.

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Risk Modeler 2.0

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.



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