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Global Reach and Local Support

As the North American market continues to develop, RMS delivers a vision of risk built on modern science, data, and lessons learned about global events.

Continuing Regional Investment

RMS has released and updated a variety of regional offerings in recent years, such as flood and wildfire, to help (re)insurers manage their risk strategy for the region.

Innovative Offerings

Through RMS Risk Intelligence™ there are a variety of applications available to help you manage your risk strategy.

Focused Solutions

RMS offers market-focused solutions for wildfire, flood, earthquake, tropical cyclones, and more across North America.

Innovative Solutions

Backed by a large global model development team, RMS is committed to the best science in its models and has pioneered many innovations in catastrophe models and risk management.

Extended Peril Coverage

We support your emerging risk strategy by offering extensive model coverage for the region including, flood, wildfire, and hurricane.

Industry Relationships

Our relationships with scientific entities, local engineers, and building structure experts informs our view of risk to integrate key perspectives.

Industry Collaboration

RMS collaborates with top insurers, mitigation experts, and government agencies to ensure our models address market gaps.

Event Response

RMS monitors events 365 days a year to provide industry-leading event response services that enable clients to quickly determine insured exposures.

Business Transformation

We understand your business challenges and develop resilient risk management strategies and solutions that optimize performance,  processes, and information exchange.

Analytical Services

Our worldwide team of 400 analysts offers deep domain and RMS solution experience to expand processing capacity and effective cat risk analysis.

Capital Market Advisory

RMS has the largest, most experienced insurance-linked securities (ILS) team in the market, providing expert risk analyses for a diverse range of perils.

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risk modeler
Risk Modeler 2.0

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.


Manage your entire book of business more efficiently and accurately than ever before with this purpose-built solution for analyzing exposure concentrations.

Location Intelligence API

Gain better underwriting perspective with instant access to the world’s best catastrophe insights.



Grassland wildfire
North American Wildfires: Fighting Back with Mitigation

The wildfire season has already been intense, with over 15,000 structures either damaged or destroyed in Western U.S. wildfires and over four million acres burned in the recent wildfires across Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State. From recent RMS® industry loss estimates, insured losses for these events are in the range of US$6-US$10 billion. There have sadly been 31 confirmed fatalities in California from the recent fires. Seeing images from…

Reactions North America 2020 Award for “Risk Modeling Company of the Year
Three is a Magic Number: RMS Wins Risk Modeling Company of the Year Award for Third Year Running

Many RMS colleagues attended the recent Reactions North America Awards 2020, admirably hosted by Shawn Moynihan, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. The virtual awards ceremony was a great opportunity for the industry to come together and celebrate exceptional achievement in what has certainly been an unusual year. And on behalf of RMS®, I am delighted to receive the Reactions North America 2020 Award for “Risk Modeling Company of the Year.” I know that to win this…

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U.S. Flood: Why Is Flood Insurance Take-Up So Low?

Surveys suggest that 91 percent of American homeowners purchase insurance, but when it comes to flood risk the story could not be more different. Flooding is not covered in standard homeowner or renter policies, and the take-up of flood-specific coverage for homeowners is estimated to be around 15 percent – even though flood is a prevalent, nationwide peril. In the last decade, 98 percent of U.S. counties have been affected by flooding. According to the National…

Hurricane Laura
RMS Interviewed on Sky News Talking About Hurricane Laura

Ian King interviewing Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer on Hurricane Laura making landfall.

Hurricane Laura
BBC News Interview With RMS About Hurricane Laura

Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer interviewed live on BBC News about the impacts of Hurricane Laura.

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North Atlantic Hurricane Season Halftime Report: Will the Second Half Be as Active as the First?

Now that we have passed the halfway point of the 2020 North Atlantic hurricane season, it feels like a good opportunity to take stock and look ahead to what the remainder of the season might have in store. Record-Breaking Start to the 2020 Hurricane Season The 2020 season has already made its mark in terms of the number of storms that have formed and how early they formed. For the very latest event summaries, visit the RMS Event Response web page. This was…

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