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79% of Consumers

consider insurer commitments to environmental issues in purchasing decisions.* 

75% of Insurers

are in the process or have defined their ESG strategy.

50% of Insurers

are evaluating ESG as part of their underwriting and portfolio management strategies.

Risk Paradigm

A New Risk Paradigm

In an increasingly complex, connected, and changing world, a single event can dramatically change the perception of your firm. With growing societal, governmental, and consumer attention, firms are just beginning to understand how ESG impacts everyday business operations – from hindering your ability to raise capital, to attracting talent, or growing your business. Learn about the top drivers of ESG Risk.

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A Call to Action

Insurers have an unprecedented opportunity to lead the global community in the transition to net-zero and drive more sustainable business practices. Yet most struggle to build business processes that align with company sustainability goals. Demonstrating a commitment for good, ­fostering responsible sustainability practices, and contributing to a more resilient world requires new approaches to risk management from trusted partners. Learn how to incorporate ESG Risk into underwriting decisions.

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* Statistic from EY 2022 Global Insurance Outlook

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