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Make sense of complexity

Our U.S. flood model considers complex hydrodynamics, multiple hazard sources, steep gradients, flood defense impacts, and individual building vulnerability to understand tail risk, adequately price, manage to defined risk tolerances, and help you implement a profitable flood strategy.

Complete risk outlook

Access a complete characterization of flood events built on 50,000 simulation years to inform confident capital allocation, solvency assessments, and pricing.

Measurable sensitivities

Quantify impacts of mitigation efforts and failures with defended and undefended views of flood risk for appropriate risk selection, underwriting, and portfolio management.

Accurate risk differentiation

Capture critical exposure characteristics, including first floor height, to reflect each property’s unique vulnerability to flood and improve risk differentiation.

A Comprehensive Flood Solution

Proper flood modeling captures flood hazard from all sources and translates it to damage and financial costs, while accounting for complex policy terms.

All flood sources

Model all types of flooding—fluvial, pluvial, and storm surge driven by tropical and non-tropical cyclones—for a complete flood risk landscape.

Intelligent assumptions

Fill gaps in flood defense data and key exposure attributes, including first floor height and basement presence, with intelligent modeling techniques.

Consistent view

Capture flooding from tropical cyclones using the same event set as the Moody's RMS U.S. Hurricane Model for a consistent and correlated view of risk.

HD capabilities

Continuous simulation not only captures temporal aspects of flood hazard, including antecedent conditions, but also allows application of time-based policy terms.

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