RMS is dedicated to developing comprehensive flood model coverage that provides greater understanding of risk and meets the needs of our customers around the globe.

An Unprecedented Understanding of Flood Risk

Effective management of flood risk is one of the most important challenges confronting (re)insurers today. Flooding can originate from multiple sources, persist for days or weeks, and is recognised as the most damaging peril driving catastrophic property and casualty losses.

For over 15 years, RMS has prioritised the advancement of flood hazard data and probabilistic modeling innovation. This effort has enabled advanced, high-resolution, comprehensive solutions for the consistent evaluation of flood risk – from underwriting, to capital management, and across the entire risk-decision chain.

Comprehensive View of Flood Risk

Flood risk is driven by all types of precipitation and sources of inundation, However, the relative dominance of those factors varies significantly on a regional and national basis. Simulated precipitation is the foundation of all RMS inland flood models, which ensure that potential fluvial and pluvial sources are evaluated, antecedent conditions are captured, and natural clustering and spatial correlation is explicitly represented.

High-Definition Modeling

Flood hazard can vary significantly across small distances and over time. The RMS High Definition (HD) modeling engine simulates losses from the ground-level. This allows you the flexibility to capture flood hazard at the optimal resolution, capture seasonality impacts, and accurately model time-dependent reinsurance policy terms such as the hours clause.

Complete Flood Defense Systems

Flood defenses are often the major determinant of flooding in an extreme event. Our advanced approach to modeling flood defenses in probabilistic and hazard data products account for both permanent and temporary defense systems -- even in the absence of information being publicly available.

Granular Vulnerability

Critical features for modeling flood impact on exposed risks are captured by hundreds of vulnerability curves available for every region we model. This includes primary parameters and secondary modifiers, such as the presence of basements and elevation of a location. RMS solutions leverage robust vulnerability relationships to precisely translate flood hazard to physical damage and financial costs for residential, commercial and industrial structures.

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