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Understanding Flood Impact

RMS flood models offer broad-scale, well-validated views of flood risk, helping insurers, reinsurers, governments, and financial institutions to gain necessary insights to adequately monitor, manage, and mitigate their flood risk and optimize risk transfer.

Comprehensive Metrics

Understand the unique characteristics of flood hazard and exposure management to fully comprehend and manage your flood risk.

Confident Risk Pricing

Get a detailed understanding of location-level risk to support more informed underwriting and risk selection.

Informed Risk Management

Quickly identify exposures to flood risk, highlight hot spots, and understand the expected impact by geography and line of business.

Complete View of Flood Risk

As the most widespread and frequent peril driving catastrophic property and casualty losses, having a complete view of flood risk is one of the most important challenges confronting (re)insurers today.

The Big Picture

Include all types of precipitation and sources of flooding to ensure a complete understanding of the flood risk.

Robust Vulnerability

A physics-based analytical flood damage model accounts for the impact of flood depth, flow velocity, and potential debris on a structure, precisely translating flood hazard to physical damage and financial costs.

Complete Flood Defenses

Incorporate the presence and level of protection of both permanent and temporary defenses beyond the limited publicly available information.

High-Definition Modeling

Simulate losses and sample uncertainty at coverage level and account for seasonality, event clustering, and antecedent conditions to accurately model policy terms.

RMS Global Flood Solutions

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