With an extreme hazard gradient over short spatial scales, sophisticated modeling is crucial for this most complicated of perils.

Mohsen Rahnama, General Manager, Models and Data

Understanding Flood Risk:
An Unprecedented View Into a Rising Risk

Flooding can originate from multiple sources, persist for days or weeks, and knows no geo-political boundaries. An increase in extreme flood events, from inland floods across Europe to storm surge in the U.S., has forced massive property and casualty losses the world over, making managing flood risk one of the biggest challenges confronting (re)insurers today.

RMS has been at the forefront of flood hazard data and probabilistic modeling innovation for more than 15 years, providing advanced, high-resolution, comprehensive solutions for the consistent evaluation of flood risk from underwriting to capital management across the entire risk-decision chain.

High-Definition (HD) Modeling

Flood hazard can vary significantly across small distances and over time. HD modeling simulates losses from the ground-level up so you can better manage uncertainty and model complex financial terms, such as hours clauses.

Understanding Storm Surge

As the industry’s most sophisticated catastrophic storm surge model, our hydrodynamic approach models surge build-up throughout the lifecycle of the storm alongside other critical characteristics.

Substantiated, Comprehensive Data

RMS uses the most current and accurate data to provide explicit views of flood risk accounting for all pertinent hazard characteristics, including topography, land use, flood defenses, and risk vulnerability.

Simulated Precipitation

Simulated Precipitation The foundation of all RMS inland flood models ensures all potential fluvial and pluvial sources are evaluated, antecedent conditions are captured, and natural clustering and spatial correlation is explicitly represented.

Flood Defense

Flood defenses are a major determinant of flooding in an extreme event. Our advanced approach to modeling flood defenses in probabilistic and hazard data products in Europe account for both permanent as well as temporary defense systems.

Granular Vulnerability

Critical features for modeling flood impact on exposed risks are captured by hundreds of vulnerability curves available for every region we model, including both primary parameters and secondary modifiers, such as the presence of basements.