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Power Up Your Risk Analytics

Evaluate the location-specific hurricane risk for offshore platforms, rigs, pipelines, and associated active wells. 

Pinpoint Exposures

Locate offshore assets to a coordinate level for accurate vulnerability assessments.

Track Exposure

Stay on top of offshore exposure during hurricane season as you track hurricanes with monthly updates.

Customized Risk View

Accurately assess the impact of hurricanes to your unique structures.

Anchor Loss Estimates

Define and analyze damageability of offshore platform features with an advanced vulnerability modeling framework designed to meet the offshore energy sector’s needs.

Enhanced Exposure Data

Capture specialized details about offshore platforms, rigs, and pipelines in a single exposure database that is interoperable with standard property models.

Industry Exposure Database

Enhance location-specific data with up-to-date, high-resolution details for all active stationary and mobile offshore energy structures, including replacement value and business interruption estimates.

Unique Hazard

Understand risk not only to offshore wind, but also the wave damage that can occur.

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North Atlantic Hurricane
North Atlantic Hurricane

Manage key drivers of tropical cyclone risk across 40 countries.


Identify areas of unexpected concentrations or aggregations and quantify catastrophic risk potential for diverse lines of business across a wide range of perils and geographic regions.

Industrial Facilities
Industrial Facilities

Better understand the unique nature of industrial and energy facilities with models customized for these distinct exposures

Regional and Country Offshore Platform Models

Regional Models

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See Global Model coverage
Global Map
North America Offshore Platform
  • United States

North America
Latin America
North America Offshore Platform
  • United States


Hurricane Ike: A Cross-Country Event

It's just over ten years to the day since Hurricane Ike made landfall near Galveston, Texas. Looking back at the 2008 North Atlantic hurricane season's activity, it was above-average with 16 named storms, eight of which reached hurricane strength, and five became major hurricanes (Cat 3 or greater). Hurricane Ike did reach Category 4 over the warm waters of the open Atlantic, but later weakened as it tracked along the Cuban coastline, never to fully regain its…

The Lessons From “Last Year’s” Catastrophes

Catastrophe modeling remains a work in progress. With each upgrade we aim to build a better model, employing expanded data sets for hazard calibration, longer simulation runs, more detailed exposure data, and higher resolution digital terrain models (DTMs). Yet the principal way that the catastrophe model “learns” still comes from the experience of actual disasters. What elements, or impacts, were previously not fully appreciated? What loss pattern is new?…

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