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Your extended team of experts in customer support, advisory services, training, and education offers a variety of capabilities to address customer needs. The Moody's Knowledge Center is staffed with more than 60 specialists across seven countries and nine regions to serve as the first-response support resource for questions about Moody's RMS models, software, services and solutions, complemented by a team of training and education professionals and customer success managers. Our state-of-the-art, searchable Support Center provides self-service access to extensive user documentation, articles, an e-learning library, your support queries, known issues, event response updates, and more.

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Customer support

Advisory services

Interactive training

Certification programs

Support center (self-service portal)

Customer support

As a Moody's insurance solutions customer, you have easy access to the support you need. Whether you want to speak directly to an expert for help with your question, submit your query online and view its progress, or search for what you’re looking for yourself in our extensive, easy-to-use self-service portal, we have the resources you need ready at hand.

Our support teams are available around the globe 24 hours a day, five-and-a-half days a week, and the Support Center is accessible anytime.

Advisory services

We go beyond traditional product support to help you learn how to make the most of Moody's RMS products and solutions. Uncover best practices and dive deeper into Moody's insurance solutions applications, models, and data to help you make the most of the science and insights.

Interactive training

Whatever your team's educational needs, Moody's is here to help. We offer custom, individualized on-site and remote training provided by highly experienced Moody's staff. We can deliver the kind of training your company needs, including point-and-click walkthroughs; deep dives in peril and financial model methodology; and clear explanations of loss results, data processing, and business application and workflow best practices.

Our interactive training is available to you though the Support Center anytime you need it.

Certification programs

The Moody's Insurance Solutions team has provided our Certified Catastrophe Risk Analyst (CCRA®) program to hundreds of participants over its 15+ year history. This comprehensive curriculum is the only modeling program certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, providing advanced understanding of models and expertise in applying modeled loss estimates. Upon completion of the coursework and passing the rigorous exam, participants receive the CCRA designation which is recognized in the industry as a symbol of excellence in the cat modeling field.

The Core Catastrophe Analyst Training (CCAT™) program provides a more introductory curriculum designed for individuals new to cat modeling and is offered by arrangement.

Support center (self-service portal)

Moody's insurance solutions customers have access to our Support Center with more than 31,000 resources. This easily searchable tool provides easy access to the largest library of detailed product and model documentation, over 100 e-learning modules, as well as your support history, known issues, knowledgebase articles, and event response updates.


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Model support documentation

Plan and prepare

Prepare your company for upcoming model releases using our executive briefings. Well ahead of the release, we issue executive briefings to alert you and your team to the upcoming model change and the expected impact on portfolio loss results. To help you to plan and resource your model evaluation process, later pre-release documents expand on the technical scope of the update. Join the 1,000 risk management professionals who receive the latest Moody's insurance solutions content straight to their inbox, to keep themselves and teams up-to-date on the latest Moody's insurance solutions developments.

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Assess and understand

Following a model update, to help you assess and understand the new view of risk, our detailed change management materials lead you through the key drivers of change and their impact on results. Exhibits and detailed explanations of changes by geography, line of business, and financial perspective help you to determine the impact of the updates on your portfolio and business, and to communicate these to colleagues and key stakeholders.

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Evaluate and report

As your organization evaluates the latest Moody's insurance solutions view of risk, our detailed methodology documents, written by the subject matter experts who develop our innovative models, help you to understand the underlying model science and key development decisions. These documents help you to build confidence in the final model results, and report on the Moody's insurance solutions view of risk to internal and external stakeholders.

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Validate and justify

When it comes to making business decisions, you need to understand the uncertainties and sensitivities of losses to modeling decisions and assumptions. When you need to investigate, validate, or justify the Moody's insurance solutions view of risk, our validation documents help you to direct your research and report with confidence to both internal and external stakeholders.

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Code and analyze

When you and your teams are in the thick of it, making complex exposure and financial coding decisions can be overwhelming. Our reference guides and best practices documents help you to determine and implement modeling best practices, select classifications that most accurately represent the risk, and prioritize exposure data enhancements where they are needed most.

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Industry leadership

Delivering the industry's best customer experience is our number one focus. At Moody's, we appreciate our customers and do whatever it takes to earn trust and exceed expectations.

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