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Navigate the Uncertainties of Cyber Risk

The dynamic nature of cyber risk is reshaping the (re)insurance landscape, requiring a new paradigm of risk management to harness its potential for unparalleled growth. Moody’s is at the forefront, delivering consistent risk quantification and pricing with detailed insights into both attritional and catastrophic cyber risks.

Improve Strategic Decisions

Quantify exposure across different types of coverage and gain insights into event frequencies and severities at detailed levels.

Diversify Portfolio Risk

Unify your cyber insights across network intrusion, digital infrastructure outage, and physical loss to identify risk drivers and areas of growth.

Maximize Reinsurance Capacity

Leverage a future-proof risk modeling framework that accurately captures tail risk, to better inform your capacity and capital strategy.

The Building Blocks for Quantifying Cyber Risk

Threat Landscape

Defines different threat-actor groups, motivations, resources, skill sets, and modus operandi.

Attack Vectors/ Loss Mechanism

Categorizes cyber loss processes including their scalability and determines the size and footprint of the event.

Technology Stack

Captures the usage and reliance on software families used across industry sectors and company sizes.

Company Vulnerabilities

Defines susceptibility of a company to a specific cyber event, considering human as well as IT vulnerabilities and defenses.

Digital Assets

Quantifies the value of key revenue-dependent digital processes, data, and financial assets at risk.

Insurance Losses

Calculates the insurance loss with considerations for coverage limit and deductible information.

Moody’s Cyber Incident & Threat Databases






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of cyber incidents (including DDoS)



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Quantify Cyber Risk Across the Value Chain

Moody’s Cyber Solutions supports key functions across the (re)insurance value chain.  Let’s explore the key capabilities designed to unlock growth potential and improve efficiency and decision-making across the industry’s core areas.

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Portfolio Management

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Underwriting and Pricing

Risk Transfer and Capital Allocation

Portfolio Management

Optimize portfolio steering and enhance portfolio diversification by leveraging detailed analyses at coverage, account, portfolio, summary, or treaty levels for a nuanced understanding of exposures.  Extensive global database with more than 20 million companies backfills firmographic information to ensure a thorough evaluation of the potential threat, risk profile, and impact.   

Underwriting and Pricing

Gain deep insights into key event risk drivers through comprehensive analysis of five IT and six cyber-physical perils, supported by full Year Loss Table (YLT), Year Event Loss Table (YELT), and Exceedance Probability (EP) curves for refined risk evaluation.  Our model offers the flexibility to tailor your analysis, aligning with your underwriting standards and pricing strategies.  Greater adaptability ensures improved pricing and a competitive edge by allowing a detailed understanding of the complex cyber risk landscape.

Risk Transfer and Capital Allocation

Enhance your approach to managing capital requirements and designing effective risk transfer mechanisms.  Our robust risk framework models the real-world physics and dynamics of the cyber digital ecosystem, providing a complete view of potential threats and attacks for a future-proof view of cyber risk. By identifying key risk drivers and aggregation points, our model sheds light on the events that drive tail risk, facilitating informed strategic decision-making in risk transfer and capital allocation.

In the News

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Moody’s launches Cyber Industry Steering Group to facilitate growth potential of the global cyber insurance market.

Moody’s Launches Cyber Industry Steering Group to facilitate growth potential of the global cyber insurance market.
Munich Re, Gallagher Re, and Bitsight join as founding members of the Steering Group.

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Beazley completes $140 million cyber catastrophe bond

Beazley completes $140 million cyber catastrophe bond with risk modelling support provided by Moody’s

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First Cyber Cat Bonds a Watershed Moment: Moody’s Video Interview

Artemis spoke with Moody’s executives Damini Mago and Alice Woolley to find out more about the role of risk models in getting the first cyber cat bonds to market successfully.

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Cyber Insurance: Overcoming the Risk Barriers and Moving Forward with Growth.

Moody’s Damini Mago explores the evolution of cyber modeling.

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Oasis Develops Open Data Standards for Cyber Exposure.

This OED standard was developed in 2022 by a working group including Moody’s.


Cyber Risk Modeling: Buyer’s Guide

As cyber risk continues to rapidly evolve, it can be challenging to decide which modeling approach best captures the risk and fits your needs. The Moody’s Cyber Solutions buyer’s guide can help you ask the right questions so that you can start quantifying your cyber exposure, uncovering loss drivers, and maximizing capacity.

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