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Quantify Your Cyber Risk

Take the guesswork out of cyber. Whether managing an existing book or building a new one, use a model that is purpose-built and reflects the evolving nature of cyber risk. 

Evaluate Current Exposure

Identify undetected cyber exposure lurking within your portfolio or discover new market opportunities in a scientifically grounded and transparent way.

Comprehensive Cyber Modeling

Model the diverse range of cyber threats to ensure premiums are adequate and the appropriate capital is reserved. 

Manage Risk Effectively

Stay ahead of the competition by intelligently underwriting, diversifying, and managing both catastrophic and attritional cyber risk. 

Key Cyber Model Features

The comprehensive RMS cyber risk model supports (re)insurers’ end-to-end cyber risk management.

State-of-the-Art Modeling

Reflects current cyber risk insights and research into the underlying causal processes that impact both digital assets and operational technology.

Data Enrichment

Improve model accuracy by backfilling missing exposure characteristics with a global database of over 11 million companies.

Key Loss Analytics

Scenario results and probabilistic model outputs to support setting risk appetite, accumulation management, portfolio management, and capacity allocation.

Model Customization

Incorporate your own view of risk alongside the existing model by adding user-defined alternative model parameters.

Related Cyber Solutions

RMS offers a full range of cyber risk quantification and management solutions to help (re)insurers regardless of the maturity of their cyber business.


Beyond Cyber as a Coverage

The core RMS cyber model can be used to quantify cyber risk arising from a range of scenarios for various coverages and categories of exposure. But to gain a complete view of risk, other RMS solutions can help (re)insurers.

Probabilistic Terrorism Model (PTM)

Terrorism can be conflated with cyber risk – both involve human actors with intent to disrupt loss. Our PTM looks at conventional and non-conventional attack methods.

Marine Cargo and Specie

Estimate potential losses and risks using a vulnerability model custom-tailored to the uniqueness of the cargo and specie lines of business.

Offshore Platform

Model hurricane damage to offshore platforms, rigs, wells, and pipelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico.



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