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Quantify Risk with Cyber Modeling

Moody's RMS Cyber Solutions use the latest cyber risk analytics and most current cyber risk data to quantify the risks of this dynamic peril helping you make sound underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.

Improve Cyber Pricing

Our financial model is calibrated for cyber risk using econometric data, robust modeling of threat factors, and our Cyber Incident Database (which includes data on millions of attacks).

Understand Market Position

The Moody's RMS Cyber Economic Exposure Database enables you to understand your relative market share and account for annual fluctuations in the U.S. cyber market.

Manage Risk Effectively

Stay ahead of the competition with the cyber risk model that helps you intelligently underwrite, diversify, and manage both catastrophic and attritional cyber risk.

Key Cyber Model Features

The comprehensive Moody's RMS cyber risk model supports (re)insurers’ end-to-end cyber risk management.

State-of-the-Art Modeling Cyber Modeling

Reflects current cyber risk assumptions, insights, and research into the underlying causal processes that impact both digital assets and operational technology.

Data Enrichment

Improve cyber model accuracy by backfilling missing exposure characteristics with a global database of over 11 million companies.

Price the Risk

Price individual cyber risks and reliably measure tail risk. At its most granular, Moody's RMS Cyber Solutions resolves down to the account level, while consistently scaling to produce full portfolio analytics.

Cyber Modeling Customization

Incorporate your own view of risk alongside the existing cyber risk model by adding user-defined alternative model parameters and adjusting the model’s severity.

Get a Complete View of Cyber Risk

The increasing risks posed by cyber attack, security breaches, and cyber threat make it critical that insurers have a complete view of potential vulnerabilities and exposure aggregations. Moody's RMS cyber risk models assess attritional risk (one-off), large event, and catastrophic event losses for a comprehensive perspective and the ability to improve risk selection and pricing. The Moody's RMS financial model is calibrated using econometric data, robust modeling of factors, and our Cyber Incident Database which includes data on millions of attacks. 

Moody's RMS solutions model a range of sub-perils, including data breach, cloud service provider failure, denial of service (DDOS), contagious malware, and ransomware. Our cyber risk models are regularly updated with new features and functionalities, as well as the latest attack information to help our clients optimize portfolios. With cyber expert insights, Moody's RMS clients can maximize growth and manage exposure by having fast access to the most useful data for measuring cyber risk, including silent cyber risks, key return period losses, and tail event impacts. 


Cyber Risk Modeling: Buyer’s Guide

As cyber risk continues to rapidly evolve, it can be challenging to decide which modeling approach best captures the risk and fits your needs. The Moody’s RMS Cyber Solutions buyer’s guide can help you ask the right questions so that you can start quantifying your cyber exposure, uncovering loss drivers, and maximizing capacity.

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Related Cyber Solutions

Moody's RMS Cyber Solutions offer a full range of cyber risk modeling, quantification and management solutions to help (re)insurers regardless of the maturity of their cyber business.


Beyond Cyber as a Coverage

The core Moody's RMS cyber risk models can be used to quantify cyber risk arising from a range of scenarios for various coverages and categories of exposure. But to gain a complete view of risk, other Moody's RMS solutions can help (re)insurers.

Buildings impacted by terrorism risk
Probabilistic Terrorism Model (PTM)

Terrorism can be conflated with cyber risk – both involve human actors with intent to disrupt loss. Our PTM looks at conventional and non-conventional attack methods.

Busy port highlighting the importance of risk solutions for business continuity
Marine Cargo and Specie

Estimate potential losses and risks using a vulnerability model custom-tailored to the uniqueness of the cargo and specie lines of business.

Ocean-based oil and gas platform
Offshore Platform

Model hurricane damage to offshore platforms, rigs, wells, and pipelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

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