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A Pan-European Peril

Windstorms can cause considerable damage across large domains. While severe windstorms such as Daria in 1990 or Lothar in 1999 may be infrequent, RMS models provide solutions for multiple use cases, from underwriting to portfolio management and capital adequacy.

Wind and Storm Surge

A comprehensive list of wind-related perils, including extratropical cyclone winds and storm surge.

Regional Vulnerability

Hundreds of regional vulnerability functions including local building design, market practices, and unique risks from forestry to offshore wind farms.

Understand Uncertainty

An unprecedented number of sensitivity views allow you to understand uncertainty in hazard climate variability, clustering of storms, or vulnerability.

Model Features

How RMS can help you understand this key peril for Europe.

Understand Tail Risk

An innovative hybrid approach that combines numerical and statistical models, as well as historical events to deepen insights.

Local Focus

Enhanced building vulnerability definition and representation of regional construction practices offer variations in vulnerability by geography and risk type.

Granular Hazard Variability

Models incorporate high-resolution surface roughness data for modeling granular hazard variability, calibrated using extensive weather station data.

Extensive Validation

Model outputs validated against millions of claims, representing several tens of billion of claims.


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Explore a range of peril risk models to help provide you with a comprehensive model suite across Europe.

Europe Severe Convective Storm

Benefit from a Pan-European view of storm risk for 17 countries, serving use cases from underwriting to portfolio management and capital adequacy.


Access broad-scale, well-validated views of flood risk to gain necessary insights into the range of commercial opportunities associated with various flood markets.


Tap into insights on conditions, circumstances, or situations that make a loss more likely to inform underwriting decisions.

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Friederike Chart
Friederike/David: The Day Our Luck Ran Out?

Little more than a week ago, I signed off my previous blog post, discussing storm Eleanor/Burglind, with the following thought: As the number of minor windstorms impacting Europe this season grows, we are left to wonder how many more “near misses” can we experience before our luck runs out? At the time, I further noted that: One-day-out, the forecasts for Friederike were trending towards lower and lower severities As an immature and fast…

Winter Windstorm
Europe’s Winter Windstorms – the Only Certainty is Uncertainty

The annual damage from European windstorms can range significantly: from years when there are clusters of severely damaging storms to other years with almost no windstorm loss. How much of this volatility can we predict, and how much remains a roll of the dice? And more specifically, what storm activity can we expect over the next few months? Forecasting Storminess Our understanding of the drivers of annual storminess has increased greatly in recent years,…

European Windstorm: Such A Peculiarly Uncertain Risk for Solvency II

Europe’s windstorm season is upon us. As always, the risk is particularly uncertain, and with Solvency II due smack in the middle of the season, there is greater imperative to really understand the uncertainty surrounding the peril—and manage windstorm risk actively. Business can benefit, too: new modeling tools to explore uncertainty could help (re)insurers to better assess how much risk they can assume, without loading their solvency capital. Spikes and…

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