With the recent variable occurrence of damaging windstorms in Europe, catastrophe models are crucial to provide a more robust long-term view of insured losses.

- Dr. Stephen Cusack, windstorm expert and Director of Model Development

Understanding Windstorm Risk:
A Key Peril for Europe

Windstorms can cause considerable damage across large domains. While severe windstorms such as Daria in 1990 or Lothar in 1999 may be infrequent, RMS models help you understand the potential magnitude of European windstorm losses when they inevitably do occur.

Our 2015 Europe Windstorm ModelsTM represent the most current and comprehensive view of windstorm peril available, including lessons learned from recent events.

Using an innovative hybrid approach combining state-of-the art numerical and statistical models, we simulate more than 100,000 years of windstorm activity in Europe. Detailed site information and rigorous weather station calibration ensure modeled losses represent both local hazard details as well infrequent severe loss potential

Our Europe-based scientists and engineers apply in-depth local knowledge and expertise to help you better manage your windstorm portfolio.

Informed Vulnerability Modeling

Hundreds of distinct vulnerability functions at regional levels account for local building design, market practices, and unique risks to forestry, offshore wind farms, and complex industrial facilities. RMS is the first company to explicitly model post-loss amplification to assess the impact of increased materials and labor costs, fraud, and other claims inflation after very large events.

Transparent Model Assumptions and Validation

Market-leading documentation and an unprecedented number of sensitivity views allow you to directly assess the impact of key model assumptions like storm clustering or climate variability on your business and support your validation process. A catalog of 135 historical benchmark event reconstructions allows you to stress test the model based on your own claims history.

Comprehensive Solution for Solvency II

The RMS Europe Windstorm Models include climate perils such as winter events, summer convective thunderstorms, and storm surge. In conjunction with HailCalc and RMS Europe flood models, they provide a consistent view of risk from underwriting to capital management so you can confidently demonstrate a complete understanding of climate risk to regulators.