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GenAI and the Intelligent Risk Platform

GenAI is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionize how individuals and entities conduct business. GenAI has arrived at a pivotal moment for the insurance industry. We see it as a transformational opportunity to fully leverage the Intelligent Risk Platform in new and exciting ways, such as automating report generation, reducing time to insights, and so much more.

Moody’s is piloting a robust set of GenAI use cases, and we welcome your feedback to help evolve these prototypes and experiments.

Please contact us for more information on how to be part of our Generative AI Preview Program.

Generative AI innovations for the insurance industry

A summary of three pilot programs underway on the Intelligent Risk Platform.

3 concepts for GenAI
Detailed walk-throughs of three GenAI demonstrations

Showcasing Intelligence Risk Platform analytics, data, and services and Moody's Analytics data such as company financial, risk, and exposure information.

Generative AI demonstration

Watch Moe Khosravy demo how AI can quickly summarize a (re)insurer’s exposure to specific perils.


78 million


in the US will use GenAI at least once per month in 2023, up nearly tenfold from 2022 

(Insider Intelligence)



to customer care functions could increase productivity

by 30% to 45% of current function costs

(McKinsey & Company)

In a poll of


executives, 38% indicated that

customer experience and retention


The total economic benefits of GenAI could amount to

$6.1 trillion


$7.9 trillion


(McKinsey & Company)

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Preview Moody's research assistant

Moody's Research Assistant transforms the way research and analysis is done by leveraging Generative AI and Moody's extensive, proprietary data to drive innovation and enhance productivity.

Help shape the future of Moody's Research Assistant by gaining early access and providing feedback on its capabilities. 

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News and insights

Gen AI
link Press release
Moody’s and Microsoft develop enhanced risk, data, analytics, research and collaboration solutions powered by Generative AI

Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced a new strategic partnership to deliver next-generation data, analytics, research, collaboration and risk solutions for financial services and global knowledge workers. Built on a combination of Moody’s robust data and analytical capabilities and the power and scale of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, the partnership creates innovative offerings that enhance insights into corporate intelligence and risk assessment, powered by Microsoft AI and anchored by Moody’s proprietary data, analytics and research.

Mike Steel Insurer TV interview
link The Insurer TV Interview
Moody’s Steel: Generative AI is a real game-changer for the industry

Generative AI offers a "huge amount" of capabilities that can help enhance modelling and event response, as well as deliver process improvement for the wider industry, according to Moody's RMS general manager Mike Steel.

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link Insurance Insider Article
GenAI and the Intelligent Risk Platform™: accelerating insights for risk decision makers

Moody’s is piloting ways to reduce the time it takes to go from data to insights to decisions utilizing advanced GenAI patterns.

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link The Insurer Article
Speed to insight: Generative AI and the Intelligent Risk Platform™

Learn how Moody’s insurance solutions is using GenAI to condition the interaction between the user and interchange of data securely locked in our platform

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