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With so many forces colliding – whether it is mitigating growing losses from more frequent and intense catastrophic events, assessing emerging and complex risks, or realizing the promise of new technology – you need to assess the impact on your business, formulate a plan, and move your organization forward.

Moody's insurance solution services help our clients navigate these demands. Our experts help organizations throughout the world assess the materiality of emerging risk and develop strategies to employ catastrophe analytics. We use best practices from decades of catastrophe risk management experience to implement new technology, and we can extend your organizational capabilities from our deep pool of resources.

Services Offered

From regional startups to the largest global players, Moody's helps solve risk management challenges through an integrated offering of consulting and analytical services.

Assess Risk and Strategy

Our Moody's RMS Consulting Services team leverages decades of experience to assess your current risk position, identify the best ways to use catastrophe analytics within your operations, and develop a plan to operationalize efficient business processes.

We deliver objective, quantifiable, and actionable insights across a range of projects.

  • Bespoke modeling, including climate change, complex risks, mortgage default, and customized hazard/vulnerability analyses
  • Risk transfer modeling and calculation agent services to the ILS market
  • Business process maturity and workflow optimization assessments
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Manage Your Business

Building an agile modeling and risk management operation is a necessity for any organization. From flexing your resources at peak demand periods, relieving your team of excessive workloads, to outsourcing your modeling, you can quickly expand your analytics capabilities with Moody's Analytical Services.

Our global team of over 350 analysts can work in tandem with your organization to save you time and resources, cover peaks and troughs in workload, meet regulatory filing pressures, accelerate model adoption, and explore new areas of risk. It’s a complete risk modeling operation whenever you need it to help with projects including, but not limited to:

  • Exposure data enrichment
  • Account and cedant modeling
  • Portfolio modeling
  • Regulatory and management reporting
  • Bespoke analytics
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Implement a Solution

Whether you are starting a risk modeling operation or have deep, well-established resources, our consultants advise and help implement best practices across your catastrophe management operations. Our aim is to help companies optimize their investment in Moody's RMS technology, accelerate "time to value," and minimize implementation risk.

We provide analysis and guidance on the best use of Moody's  insurance solutions data, models, and technology, including:

  • Workflow automation and system integration
  • Custom technology solutions for unique use cases
  • Software deployment and configuration
  • Adoption assurance services to ease the transition to new software and workflows
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Turn Science Into Solutions

Leverage our long-standing commitment to deliver market-leading climate risk analytics. We can help you navigate the complex landscape of climate change risks. We can deliver objective, quantitative, and actionable risk insights to help clients solve climate-related challenges, including:

  • Investor and stakeholder communication
  • Regulatory reporting and requirements
  • Business strategy planning
  • Risk management and stress testing
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