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Sound risk management lies at the heart of your success. With the colliding forces of more frequent, more intense catastrophic events, new threats such as cyber, and the promise of new technologies, you need to make sense of the changes, plan, and move forward. 

RMS helps organizations assess their risk environment, market pressures, and their own strengths and weaknesses. Our experts can help build a risk strategy, extend organizational capabilities, and deploy technology and resources to transform strategy into reality.

Services for Your Success

From small and midsize companies to global corporations, RMS helps solve risk management challenges through our integrated consulting and solutions offering.

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Climate Change

Analytical Services

Strategic Consulting and Solution Assessment

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Model Consulting

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Deployment and Implementation

Turn Science Into Solutions

Leverage RMS long-standing commitment to deliver market-leading climate risk analytics. We can help our clients to navigate the complex landscape of climate change risks. We can deliver objective, quantitative and actionable risk insights to help client solve climate-related challenges, including:

  • Investor and stakeholder communication
  • Regulatory reporting and requirements
  • Business strategy planning
  • Risk management and stress testing

Analytical Services

Whether you need to flex resources at peak demand periods, relieve your team of excessive, routine workloads, or outsource modeling, our global team of more than 400 analysts can quickly expand your analytics capabilities. 

We work in tandem with your staff, saving you time, resources, and cost, to cover workload variability, meet regulatory filing pressures, accelerate model adoption, and explore new areas of risk. It’s a complete risk modeling operation at your disposal, whenever you need it. 

Strategic Consulting and Solution Assessment

RMS consultants work to your unique requirements, exploring your specific priorities, challenges, and constraints to build a more strategic approach to catastrophe risk management. You’ll benefit from over 25 years of experience as we analyze your current risk position, identify risk opportunities and threats, and uncover the best ways to use risk models within your operations.

We can help design the right RMS solution to meet your business objectives, leveraging our data, models, software, and services to unlock value. 

Model Consulting

Whether you are starting a risk modeling operation or have deep, well-established resources, RMS consultants can advise and implement best practices across your entire operation. We provide analysis and guidance on the best use of RMS model IP, including embedding model output successfully in your workflow, best-practice model validation, and how to customize the models to your specific business.

Deployment and Implementation

We have helped hundreds of organizations deploy risk models and software solutions on-premises or in the cloud. Our experts save you time and resources by ensuring you only pay for the skills you need for the duration of the deployment. We can customize RMS software to implement within your business, so you can experience the benefits faster. And we work collaboratively to ensure your projects align with business objectives from custom development and change management to system integration.

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