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Committed to Live Risk Assessment

Building on a 20-year track record, the dedicated RMS Event Response team monitors real-time catastrophes daily to provide clients with information and products to assess the potential impact on their own portfolios.

24/7 Live Monitoring

The only catastrophe modeling firm to invest in around-the-clock operational support.

Custom Event Reconstructions

Benefit from real-time observations fed into the same engines that build our peril models, ensuring compatibility with the RMS view of risk.

Boots on the Ground

Count on engineers deployed into the field to gather key insights and crucial information that are used to inform the highest quality depiction of real-time events.

Standard Event Response

RMS clients receive standard event response products and services with their model licenses through our client portal.

Event Summaries

Get comprehensive summaries of event impact through a live dashboard of all major catastrophe events.

Accumulation Information

Identify and manage exposure concentrations to live events before, during, and after they make impact.

Loss Modeling

Quantify portfolio risk due to forecasted and live catastrophe events, including high-resolution hazard reconstructions. 

Special RMS Reports

Access in-depth event insights through live webinars, industry loss reports, and reconnaissance reports.


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Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon
Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon

Assess tropical cyclone risk to inform sound underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.


Manage your entire book of business more efficiently and accurately than ever before with this purpose-built solution for analyzing exposure concentrations.

risk modeler
Risk Modeler 2.0

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.

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RMS Event Response

Responding to Catastrophe with Accurate, Real-Time Data Analytics

Typhoon Faxai: Walking in Its Tracks

Typhoon Faxai was the strongest landfalling typhoon to impact the Greater Tokyo area since Typhoon Ma-on in 2004. Making two landfalls as it traveled across the Tokyo Bay, Faxai made a brief landfall over the Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan, just 35 miles (57 kilometers) south-southwest of Tokyo early morning local time on Monday, September 9. It then tracked northeast to make a second landfall over the city of Chiba (pop. …

HU Michael
Hurricane Michael Field Reconnaissance: Contrasting Performance of Structures at Design Wind Speeds

Peter Datin, Director, Model Development, RMS Derek Stedman, Lead Modeler, RMS Holly Widen, Product Manager, RMS   Introduction Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle near Mexico Beach on October 10, 2018, as the strongest hurricane (by wind speed) to impact the area in recorded history. As a strong category 4 hurricane, Michael’s wind speeds were at or above the design-level wind speeds for this area specified by ASCE…

Peter Datin
Hurricane Florence: Field Reconnaissance Findings

Introduction After a major hurricane or a similar natural disaster, RMS routinely sends modelers and engineers into the affected region to survey the destruction. This field reconnaissance in the immediate aftermath of an event serves several purposes: Provides an indication of the most prevalent type of damage (e.g. shingle loss, structural failures, flooded contents, etc.) Provides an indication of the general frequency (e.g. one in five homes have…

Wildfire door
Wine Country Wildfires: Reconnaissance and Loss Estimate Update

Kevin Van Leer, senior product manager – Model Product Management, RMS 19:00 UTC Friday, October 27 Figure 1: A door frame of a destroyed home overlooks another neighborhood affected by the Wine Country wildfires (Image credit: RMS) Accompanied by a CAL FIRE escort, on Monday, October 23, RMS reconnaissance experts visited areas affected by the Wine Country wildfires, with a focus primarily on the Tubbs Fire which caused destruction across the…

Hurricane Maria: The Importance of Local Knowledge

As is usual in the weeks following a hurricane’s impact on land, much of the focus surrounding Hurricane Maria has now shifted away from estimating losses with models to surveying the actual damage and claims incurred. With the collection of claims and losses, evaluating the array of loss estimates published by catastrophe model vendors in Maria’s immediate aftermath will begin. Included in this array is the RMS best estimate of insured loss, a range between US…

Puebla Earthquake: New Insights from RMS Reconnaissance

On September 19, the Mw7.1 “Puebla” earthquake struck Mexico City and surrounding states, causing the most fatalities (369) and damage of any temblor since the Michoacán event in 1985. The Mexican government has not yet published overall economic or insured loss tallies, but six days after the earthquake RMS publicly released an estimate of economic property losses between US$4 billion to US$8 billion and no more than US$1.2 billion in…

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