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Flexible Risk Modeling Software

To make accurate underwriting, risk transfer, and pricing decisions in a changing market, business users need modeling software that delivers insights faster. That’s the advantage of a single application that runs in the cloud.

Transform Decision-Making

Improve collaboration across risk stakeholders with consistent and high-quality insights.

Eliminate Risk Data Silos

Centralize and enhance your analytics capabilities with a unified cloud-native architecture.

Maximize Modeling Productivity and TCO

Run models up to 12x faster than equivalent on-premise infrastructure, at scale, without IT bottlenecks.​

Customer Spotlight

Moody's RMS Next Generation Modeling

Designed with a deep understanding of customer requirements and leveraging the latest technological innovations, Risk Modeler™ easily integrates with other on-premises applications as well as other cloud applications through open APIs and export services, giving customers greater flexibility and choice.

Enhanced Business Solutions

Transparent and accurate risk metrics allow for examination of contributory and marginal metrics.

Comprehensive Risk Perspective

Innovative cat risk workflows centered on high-quality peril modeling solutions.

Simulation Framework

Most realistic representation of hazard event frequency and loss severity.

Expanding Coverages

Evolving solutions to meet the breadth of market needs across all cat risk sectors.

One System All Views

Delivering Greater Value

  • Access, evaluate, compare, and deploy all models in one place
  • Use intelligent workflows to minimize operational burdens in the underwriting and portfolio management processes and free up time for further analysis and integration of the output
  • Leverage Moody's RMS Risk Modeler to form the basis of accurate risk management decisions
Model Composer

Model Composer

Minimize, streamline, and control risk customizations with simplified model builder services dedicated to deploying your own view of risk into multiple workflows.

Exposure Add-On For Risk Modeler

Exposure Add-On For Risk Modeler

The Exposure Add-On for Risk Modeler extends functionality further, with a new exposure management module that provides key accumulation metrics for a deeper understanding of exposures and accumulations concentrations, helping complement modeled losses produced by Risk Modeler. Risk analysts and portfolio managers gain access to accurate and intuitive analytics backed by Moody's RMS risk management science for a deeper understanding of portfolio hot spots. Continue to access the exposure metrics you generate through your Moody's RMS modeling tool today in a more detailed and interactive manner.

Data Bridge

Data Bridge

As the gateway to robust risk models and in-depth data, the Intelligent Risk Platform™ offers a global view of risk by bringing together excellence in science, modeling, and beyond.

Data Bridge offers current RiskLink® clients the ability to move existing first and third-party system integrations to Risk Modeler 2.0. Clients can keep workflows that require the ability to execute existing or ad hoc T-SQL queries against Exposure Data Module (EDM) databases used by Risk Modeler. Data Bridge also supports hosting Results Data Module (RDM) and custom databases to facilitate workflows that query across databases in the same environment.

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Analytics, Experts, and Coffee

Moody's RMS solutions support multiple roles across each business to continue to drive profitability and growth.

Alisha Fazo
A Single Unified View of Risk

Alisha Fazo, Director of Product Management, talks about the importance of a single unified view of risk.

Ashley Bernero
Full Holistic View of Risk

Ashley Bernero, Senior Product Manager discusses the importance of being able to understand complete exposure.

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