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Public Sector Overview

Today’s communities cannot rely on history alone to prepare for tomorrow’s disasters. Moody's RMS uses advanced scientific understanding, forward-looking methodologies, and emerging technologies to help organizations understand the impact to economies, health, and people’s livelihoods.

Planning Resiliency

Risks and exposures change over time. Deploy advanced modeling techniques to quantify and reduce risk today, saving money and lives tomorrow.

Building Community Preparedness

The impact felt from natural and man-made disaster varies globally. Leverage science and enhanced data to implement mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery strategies.

Quantifying Impacts of Climate Change

Moody's RMS models can help answer challenging questions on the changes in frequency and severity of human and economic impacts and how they relate to climate change.

Risk Assessment Datasets

Report-ready datasets and GIS shapefiles that can be used to quickly quantify and compare multiple hazards at once.

Data-Drive Response Exercises

Stress-testing emergency response procedures and scenarios with detailed data on buildings destroyed, critical infrastructure outages, and other key metrics for a range of feasible scenarios.

Business Continuity Planning

When disaster strikes, do you know where and how you will be impacted? Moody's RMS works with organizations to identify which critical functions and services should be strengthened in the case of an emergency.

Building Resilience into Design

With access to high-resolution, location-specific information, our data informs strategy and investment decisions that enable a community to "build smarter."

Expert Teams that Understand Risk

Leverage world-class experts in catastrophic risk with deep understanding of risk management and disaster preparedness analytics.

Assess Risk and Strategy

Moody's consultants help analyze your current risk position, identify opportunities and threats, and uncover ways models can enhance your organization’s risk management.

Event Response Services

Predict the potential impact of active catastrophic events on your business with high-fidelity event response data delivered in real time.

Related Products

Federal Government

Optimizing Risk Management at the National Level

Moody's RMS helped a U.S. federal agency with two analyses to inform investment decisions for infrastructure assets, taking into account potential shocks and stresses. The first examined disruption to imports and exports across the U.S. port network due to prolonged downtime after catastrophic events. The second analysis developed a top-down economic model that quantified the risk from catastrophic events in terms of net GDP. This work now helps the Government contextualize individual clusters of infrastructure against national levels of resilience, rank resilience opportunities, and prioritize investments with local and regional asset owners. Moody's RMS delivered the technical frameworks within six months, breaking a design logjam that had existed since 1999. The federal agency department now has the modeling capability to quickly quantify the benefit of implementing specified resilience measures and show how to respond most effectively to shocks so, that communities and economies bounce back more quickly to reduce the risk to life, livelihood, and shelter.

Jersey City, Hudson River

Ensuring Resilience to Storm Surge of New Developments Along the Hudson

The creation and success of a new development involving hundreds of new homes and business spaces along the Hudson River critically depended on its resilience to storm surges, and the impact the development would have on surge risk posed to neighboring areas. A local development agency approached Moody's RMS for an objective, expert analysis that it could use to inform and ultimately optimize its coastal protection options in concert with its planned redevelopment projects. Moody's RMS conducted a probabilistic risk analysis of the area and its surroundings for different development options, enabling the city to objectively compare the cost-benefit of available alternatives. The results empowered the city to not only confidently justify the investment in the final design, but also effectively address stakeholder concerns around surge risk associated with the development.

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