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Take Control With a Complete View of Flood Risk for Japan

Differentiate between modeled flood losses for typhoon-driven inland flood, typhoon-driven coastal flood, and non-typhoon flood using a single model reflecting the very latest view of risk.

Learning From Events

The model incorporates new insights from the significant typhoon and non-typhoon flood events within the last few years.

Wind and Flood Model Innovations

Many new innovations including 50,000-year simulated stochastic typhoon track set, new research on extratropical transitioning, and advanced ocean, storm surge, wave and defense modeling.

Local Market Calibration

Vulnerability function calibrated with over two trillion yen of claims data from 35 events spanning 20 years.

Japan Typhoon and Flood HD Model

Comprehensive view of all sources of flood risk incorporates the latest science and market insights.

Understand Non-Typhoon Flood

Account for losses from non-typhoon flood events, such as the 2018 West Japan Heavy Rain event, for a complete view of flood risk in Japan.

Advanced Vulnerability

Recalibrated vulnerability functions reflect local wind design code provisions and detailed insights from RMS field reconnaissance from 2018–19 typhoon events.

Increased Resolution

Geographical modeling resolution has been increased to provide modeled wind and flood hazard up to coordinate‑level resolution to aid explicit modeling of both perils.

Post-event Loss Amplification

Incorporates extensive research on observed post-event loss amplification (PLA) after other major global losses, together with specific local market knowledge of the latest changes following 2018 events.

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Japan Typhoon and Flood
New Insights Within the Japan Typhoon and Flood HD Model

Japan lies in the northern reaches of the most active tropical cyclone (typhoon) basin in the world; the western North Pacific. Aspects of Japan’s geography, not least its position, make it susceptible to typhoons. And as one of the world’s largest insurance markets, Japan has significant insured exposure at risk to typhoons. It is within this context that RMS has had a typhoon model for Japan for over 25 years—and have now launched our latest—the RMS Japan…

Earthquake Damage in Chile
High-Definition Modeling: A Game Changer for Catastrophe Risk Management

The RMS high-definition (HD) models are the latest generation of the RMS probabilistic modeling suite, incorporating features that allow flexible catastrophe risk management to meet the requirements of the evolving catastrophe risk market. But what does HD mean for the users of the models, and their metrics and analytics? Innovation driving quality of modeling insights RMS has been building catastrophe risk models for more than 30 years. The RiskLink® DLM…

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan’s Wettest Typhoon on Record

Japan continues to assess the extent of the damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis, which made landfall near the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture on Saturday, October 12. Current reports state that at least 66 people have been killed, dozens of people are missing, and hundreds are injured. At this time, the worst impacted prefectures include Nagano, Saitama, Shizuoka, and Fukushima. However, the full extent of the damage is not expected to be known for several…

Typhoon Faxai: Walking in Its Tracks

Typhoon Faxai was the strongest landfalling typhoon to impact the Greater Tokyo area since Typhoon Ma-on in 2004. Making two landfalls as it traveled across the Tokyo Bay, Faxai made a brief landfall over the Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan, just 35 miles (57 kilometers) south-southwest of Tokyo early morning local time on Monday, September 9. It then tracked northeast to make a second landfall over the city of Chiba (pop. …

Jebi VIIRS Infrared
Super Typhoon Jebi Follows a Long Stretch of Japanese Cat Events

This time last year, we were in the thick of a series of Atlantic hurricanes that caught the world’s attention with images of significant damage and destruction. Fast forward to 2018 and it seems that Japan is bearing the brunt of natural catastrophes this summer, with a series of typhoons, floods, and earthquakes dominating global headlines. The latest headline maker is Super Typhoon Jebi, the fifth typhoon to impact Japan this year and billed by many media…

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Japan: Waking Up to Flood Risk

Hemant Nagpal, director, Model Product Management, RMS Manabu Masuda, senior director, Modeling, RMS Junichi Sakai, lead modeler, Model Development, RMS Many factors made the recent devastating flooding and subsequent landslides and mudslides in Japan during July stand out as a defining event. From the intensity of the rainfall, the extent of the area affected and the loss of life, the sheer scale of this event was summarized by an official from…

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