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Formerly Moody’s RMS

Differentiate your underwriting

Improve underwriting decision-making for catastrophe-exposed business with an easy-to-use and highly configurable online application tailored for underwriters.

Prompt analyses

Simulate catastrophe events, generate hazard analyses and potential loss estimates, and perform comprehensive exceedance probability analyses.

Unified exposure view

Consolidate exposure data into one online system to reduce duplication of effort across offices and avoid undesired concentrations of written risk.

Global access

Access and analyze exposure and results data over the internet, from anywhere in the world.

An application designed for you

Enable business decisions and help your company realize value within an industry-leading catastrophe modeling framework. 

Streamlined workflow

Evaluate the impact of account changes on outcomes by modifying data and running analyses in a single workspace.

Customized analytics

Analyze accumulation areas, customize analytics, and produce easy-to-understand reports that meet your exact needs.

Supplementary data products

Improve results with a range of separately licensable data products, including the proprietary Moody's ExposureSource database or Moody's U.S. Enhanced FEMA Flood Zone Data.

Automatic data transfer

Eliminate user error and streamline workflows by automatically sending data between RiskBrowser® and your in-house applications using RiskBrowser RiskTools® APIs.

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Identify areas of unexpected concentrations or aggregations and quantify catastrophic risk potential for diverse lines of business across a wide range of perils and geographic regions.

API Adapter Service
API adapter service

Draw on Moody's expertise to integrate existing computing systems with RiskBrowser to efficiently transfer exposure and results data via proprietary REST APIs.

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