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Understand why partnering with RMS is your best choice. These are real, documented results from customer engagements with RMS.

Reduced portfolio blind spots by 14%

Completed roll-ups 90 times faster

Saved 80%

of analyst time

Increased net income €3 million after 2 years

link Location Intelligence API
Improved Underwriting Performance with Location Intelligence

Learn how Hiscox improved their underwriting performance, and delivered strong growth, proactive collaboration, and efficiency gains

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link Cat Accelerate
Delivering Data Automation and Integration in a Fraction of the Time

Golden Bear’s transition to the new fully integrated and greatly automated workflow resulted in significant time savings and enhanced overall productivity for the commercial property underwriting team.

Location Intelligence API
link Location Intelligence API
A Data-Driven, Insight-Led Approach to Pricing and Underwriting

Location Intelligence API scales to help Covenant Underwriters rate several locations rapidly in real time

link Terrorism Model
Building a Data-Driven Understanding of Terrorism Business Interruption

RMS guided a (re)insurance broker through a deep dive into the RMS Probabilistic Terrorism Model to establish a detailed understanding of business interruption across a range of scenarios.

Linear Risk
link RMS Analytical Services
A Granular Understanding of Linear Risks Through Detailed Exposure Segmentation

How RMS Analytical Services enabled a Lloyd’s-based insurer to zero in on the many exposures contained in a rail-network submission, to support more accurate pricing and risk syndication.

Solar Farm
link RMS Analytical Services
Applying Specialized Risk Treatment to a Solar Farm

How RMS Analytical Services enabled a broker to generate a more accurate and complete view of risk for a large-scale solar power plant, leading to a 230 percent change in flood loss estimate.

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link LifeRisks
Putting Strategic Growth Plans Under the Analytical Microscope

RMS LifeRisks platform and services accelerate a top-20 global life insurer’s strategic growth initiatives

Gallagher Re
link Cyber Modeling
An Analytical Approach to Cyber Intelligence

Gallagher Re is leveraging a sophisticated actuarial approach to help its clients measure and price underlying cyber risk.

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link RMS Analytical Services
Enhanced View of Risk Through Data Validation and Enrichment

How RMS Analytical Services conducted an extensive data enrichment process for leading global MGA

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link Climate Change Consulting and Models
Taking the Lead on Climate Change Risk

How a major global insurance company used innovative climate change solutions from RMS to measure the impact of physical climate risk on its book of business and get ahead of the curve on climate disclosure reporting.

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link RMS Consulting Services
European Reinsurer Grows Business, Not Headcount

How RMS delivered significant performance gains with key workflow enhancements and API integrations

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link Intelligent Risk Platform, Risk Modeler, SiteIQ
Leading International Insurance Group Uses the Intelligent Risk Platform To Provide Cat Modeling Analytics

Risk Modeler on the Intelligent Risk Platform is a key component of HX’s data architecture. It functions as a central microservice within the company’s multi-application ecosystem.

link Location Intelligence API
Taking Response Times to a New Level

How a leading global specialist insurer implemented RMS Location Intelligence API in their underwriting process to increase their quote-to-bind ratio through consistent delivery of market-beating quote response times

link Risk Modeler and ExposureIQ
Top-10 Global Reinsurer Achieves Single-Source, Consistent Data in Real-Time

How RMS collaborated with a major global reinsurer to create real-time portfolio views from a single source of company-wide data

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link ExposureIQ
When the Minutes Matter Most

How a specialist Lloyd's Syndicate used RMS ExposureIQ™ to reduce its terrorism analytics lifecycle from three days to just three hours, while improving exposure management capabilities and ramping up event response.

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link Risk Analytics and HD Models
RMS and Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. to Expand and Deepen Global Commercial Partnership

The goal of the partnership is to ensure that the highest quality, most accurate, best-science, data and technology-based views of risk across all perils and markets where Tokio Marine participates are leveraged to the benefit of Tokio Marine customers worldwide.

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link Risk Modeler
Leading P&C Insurer Integrates Insights for Better Exposure Management

How RMS Risk Modeler gave a top-15 U.S. P&C insurer the real-time insight to underwrite more profitably.

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link Data Products
Getting Ahead of the Curve on Data Quality: a Securis Customer Case Study

RMS Consulting worked with Securis to deliver greater insight into model results and to make better informed investment decisions.

IRB Brasil RE logo
link Intelligent Risk Platform
A Mature Approach to Exposure and Catastrophe Risk Management

IRB Brasil RE launched a 3 year Transformation plan with a goal to become best in class on the global reinsurance stage. They saw RMS as the right partner to enable this transition, through the RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™, given their commitment to open platforms, big data and quality analytics.

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link Flood Model
Leading Non-Life Insurer Raises the Data Level for Flood Insurance

Applying RMS Flood HD Models via Risk Modeler helped a leading non-life insurer boost its portfolio and achieve an on-demand view of flood risk.

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link Risk Modeler
Leading P&C Broker Accelerates Insight-Driven Decisions

How a top Lloyd’s broker lowered operational costs and increased customer retention.

The insights on climate risk provided by RMS have enabled us to better understand climate-related risks and opportunities for our business, to report those insights to financial stakeholders, and to develop and test strategy for our business. We can embed these analytics in our business processes, confident that we have consistency with how we measure underwriting risk and capital requirements now and in the future.

Eric Letourneau

SVP, Group Head of CAT Accumulation Management, QBE

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link TreatyIQ
Major Global Reinsurer Manages Property Cat Risk Analyses On Demand

Through working closely with RMS and implementing the TreatyIQ application, a major global reinsurer achieved a new level of portfolio exposure insight and control.

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link Cyber Risk
Leading Global P&C Insurer Delivers Cyber Risk Assessment at High Resolution

Integrating RMS Cyber Solutions and a targeted training program enabled a leading global P&C insurer to enhance its cyber data, achieve risk-appropriate pricing, and improve its portfolio composition.

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link RMS Consulting Services
Defining an Analytics Strategy to Scale Your Business

Adrian Mark, Head of Non-Life Analytics at Leadenhall Capital Partners, shares the positive results from implementing RMS recommendations.

If you have achieved success with RMS solutions, we’d like you to consider becoming a customer reference. These references are positive stories a customer tells about products, services, or what it’s like to work with our company. They will not only inform others, but they can help position you as a leader and innovator in your own market space. Visit our Customer Reference Program to learn more.

Mitch Parker
Mitch Parker

Global Head of Customer Success, RMS

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