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Turn Insights Into Solutions

RMS Climate Change Models empower you to address the near- and long-term challenges posed by climate change.

Improve Risk Selection

Understand climate change uncertainty with a probabilistic modeling approach.

Embed Into Existing Views of Risk

Leverage industry standard outputs within an established catastrophe risk framework to inform business decisions and regulatory reporting.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Translate climate change science into a business strategy with improved insight into near- and long-term climate risk.

Climate Change Model Features

RMS Climate Change Models help you understand, evaluate, and manage your climate change risk in multiple regions using a probabilistic modeling approach.

Peril-Specific Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change on specific perils.

Comprehensive and Flexible Parameters

Seamlessly adjust time horizons and Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) to capture the impacts of different climate change scenarios.

Unique Datasets

Leverage a proprietary industry and economic exposure database for more accurate and impactful climate change analyses.

Robust Climate Change Science

Informed by IPCC data for a full range of future climate scenarios.

Related Climate Change Products

Learn how RMS incorporates the latest scientific consensus into its catastrophe models.

Europe Flood
Europe Inland Flood

Europe Inland Flood models offer a comprehensive and customizable view of risk covering 14 European countries simulated over a period of 50,000 years. 

Europe Windstorm
European Windstorm

Benefit from a Pan-European severe convective storm risk management tool for 15 countries, serving multiple use cases from underwriting to portfolio management and capital adequacy.

North Atlantic Hurricane
North Atlantic Hurricane

RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models help (re)insurers quantify risk across 40 countries throughout the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific with a single basin-wide event methodology validated using over $300 billion of loss data. 

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