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Loss Costs

The Cutting Edge of Data-Driven Underwriting

Moody's Loss Costs are distilled from terabytes of catastrophe simulation data, enabling real-time, ultra-high-resolution insight. The Moody's Location Intelligence API can provide this insight quickly, accurately, and with minimal technical overhead. Simply send an address or coordinates with optional details on building attributes and the API returns a loss cost. Full documentation is available to support the scientific assumptions underlying each metric, and API-based implementation is frictionless, simple, and fast.



Refine Risk Pricing

Ensuring price adequacy is critical to profitability. Natural catastrophe pricing is particularly challenging due to the lack of historical claims. By using data derived from Moody's RMS best-in-class risk models, loss cost data can be used at the point of underwriting to provide location-level refined risk pricing.

Streamline Automation

Moody's Location Intelligence API is designed to return data instantaneously. This allows users and automated underwriting portals to access industry-leading model science in real-time to help underwrite and price risks appropriately.

Account for Vulnerability

Different building stocks can exhibit significantly different loss potential, even when exposed to the same hazard. Moody's loss cost data enables users to benefit from the information that is known about a risk to help fine-tune pricing, informed by claims data and engineering studies.

Ensure Consistency

Moody's Loss Cost data enables users to access the same science that underpins our probabilistic models at the point of underwriting, to help eliminate the use of disparate data driving inconsistent decisions across the insurance workflow.

Available Perils

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Storm Surge
  • Terrorism
  • Tornado
  • Wildfire
  • Wind
  • Winterstorm

Deductible Support

Need to provide multiple deductible options? Use our fast API to get the deductible-adjusted results in milliseconds.

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