Geocoding is the process of translating an address to an exact location. It’s the foundation of cat analytics and its importance cannot be understated. Small differences in exposure location can mean large changes in loss, impacting underwriting, capital management, and reinsurance purchasing.

RMS Geocoder: Purpose-Built to Quickly Provide Relevant and Accurate Risk Management Data

When it comes to high gradient perils like flood, storm surge, and wildfire, the quality and accuracy of geocoding can make or break your model.

In this critical process, a difference of feet can mean the difference between total loss, or none at all. So why rely on commodity geocoders not built for insurance use cases?

The Market’s Leading Global Geocoding Dataset

RMS curates the most accurate sources of building perimeters, points of interest, land parcels, street networks, post codes, and insurance market-defined boundaries to create the most innovative reference data. The result? Unsurpassed accuracy in your global geocoding process.

Exposure Weighted Centroids

The exact geographic centroid of a post code is irrelevant for risk management purposes if there’s no exposure in its vicinity. RMS provides coordinates weighted to exposure density to enable more accuracy in your analytics.

Thoughtful Change Management

Every year administrative boundaries change, postal codes are updated, street networks shift, and territories are redrawn. Yet, many geocoders make these updates without concern to the end user. RMS geospatial engineers provide detailed and thoughtful change management summaries to help you handle the impact of data changes.

Confidence Quantified

How do you know if a geocoded address is accurate? What if you’re modeling flood in an area where the street is long, the parcels are large, and the terrain is hilly? RMS models provide natively calculated “confidence areas” to quantify the uncertainty and enable sensitivity testing.

Comprehensive Documentation

Tired of black box technology in your spatial analytics? The RMS geocoder is the market’s most transparent and comprehensively documented solution. Go ahead and dig into the results and ask “why”. We’ve got you covered.