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Catastrophe Models by Category

RMS has over 200 peril models in nearly 100 countries enabling insurers, reinsurers and other organizations to quantify the potential magnitude and probability of economic loss from catastrophe events.



Agriculture Models

Manage risk in growing and evolving agricultural markets in Asia-Pacific across all key coverages and schemes with the RMS India and China Agricultural Models.  


Builders Risk

Builders Risk

Capture the changing value and vulnerability of the builders risk class of property insurance across different phases of construction projects.



Cyber Models

Quantify both affirmative and silent cyber risk to take advantage of market opportunity with the RMS probabilistic cyber catastrophe risk model.


Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon

Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon Models

Assess tropical cyclone risk to inform sound underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.  



Earthquake Models

Get the most informed view of earthquake risk possible with comprehensive coverage of seismically active regions across five continents.



Flood Models

Access broad-scale, well-validated views of flood risk to gain necessary insights into the range of commercial opportunities associated with various flood markets.


Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities Model

Better understand the risk profile of industrial and energy facilities where a high percentage of value is associated with machinery, equipment, and stock rather than structures.




Tap into life and health industry risk analytics that blend best-practice actuarial techniques with medical science.


Marine Cargo and Specie

Marine Cargo and Specie

Estimate potential losses and risks using a vulnerability model custom-tailored to the uniqueness of the cargo and specie lines of business.


Offshore Platform

Offshore Platform

Model hurricane damage to offshore platforms, rigs, wells, and pipelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico.


Severe Convective Storm

Severe Convective Storm Models

Move to a complete view of severe convective storm risk and improve profit margins using models that help more accurately assess severe weather risk.



Terrorism Models

Make better risk-based decisions with loss metrics for property and workers’ compensation lines using industry-leading terrorism models. 



Wildfire Models

Leverage unprecedented detail on loss outcome ranges for U.S. locations or portfolios to better manage and price wildfire risk. 



Windstorm Models

Gain insights across 15 European countries to understand the significant tail risk from a complex peril that drives solvency.



Winterstorm Models

Manage snow, ice, freeze, and winter wind risk with the RMS® North America Winterstorm Model and reduce your share of billions in annual industry losses.


Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Models

Enabling portfolio managers and underwriters to capture the correct exposure, manage, and transfer catastrophic workers’ compensation risk.

Catastrophe Models by Region

North America

The Americas have experienced a lot of change in the past few years, with perils such as flood and wildfire becoming more frequent than ever before. RMS North America risk models can support your risk strategy.

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From natural perils such as flood and earthquakes to man-made perils such as cyber and terrorism, the unique risk landscape of the U.K. and Europe pose different profitability challenges. RMS European models can support your risk strategy.

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Latin America and Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean present a distinct risk profile. From natural perils such as hurricane and earthquakes to man-made perils such as cyber and terrorism, having a clear picture of potential risk is key to maintaining profitability. RMS Latin America models and Caribbean models can support your in-region risk strategy.

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The Asia-Pacific region offers a unique landscape for catastrophe risk management with a variety of different perils. From natural perils such as earthquake, cyclone, and typhoon to man-made perils such as terrorism and cyber, RMS Asia-Pacific models can support your risk strategy.

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Karen White Award
Reactions North America Awards: We’re in Good Company

On Thursday, September 26, a contingent from RMS attended the Reactions’ 2019 North America (Re)Insurance Conference and Awards in New York. It was such an enjoyable event and it was a great honor to receive the North America Risk Modeler of the Year award. To win a Reactions award, you not only needed to impress the panel of independent judges, you also need market approval. Thank you to the judges and to everyone who took the time to support us. …

Update Risk Model Image
Risk Modeling for the Future

Global risks are top of mind at DAVOS 2020. RMS CEO Karen White caught up with Sarah Lockett, Davos correspondent for TBD Media, for an interview to consider the growing role of risk modeling.

Aerial view of city landscape at night
Putting the Power of HD Modeling to Work in Three Updated Risk Models for Critical Perils Covering Japan and Europe

At the RMS Exceedance 2020 virtual conference in May, we shared with attendees our product release plan covering a number of models. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of three new models for our customers. Together with the U.S. Wildfire HD Model, these models all use the new high-definition (HD) modeling framework and are available in our Risk Modeler 2.0 application today. These include: Japan Typhoon and Inland Flood HD Model: …

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