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Trusted to deliver a reference view of risk for the reinsurance industry, Moody's insurance solutions provide a comprehensive range of solutions to help reinsurers manage day-to-day activities and innovate for the future.

Consistent View Across Cedants

Take advantage of a consistent view across all your cedants, company-wide, for improved decision-making, underwriting, and capital management.

Sophisticated Data Handling

Handle data from varying formats quickly and consistently for better insights.

Own View of Risk

Build and apply your view of risk for each cedant to ensure underwriting according to your assessments and capital protection.

Using Moody's Reinsurance Solutions

Over the last 30 years, Moody's reinsurance solutions have evolved to serve a range of sophisticated industry uses, including reinsurance specific applications and modeling capabilities, serving as a platform to power rapid, accurate multi-cedant views.

Data Disaggregation

Accept aggregate data and disaggregate it using sophisticated techniques to ensure superior results accuracy.

Event Response

Benefit from the catastrophe modeling industry’s most comprehensive event response service.

Reinsurance Underwriting

Access the analytics you need to make quick, confident underwriting decisions by cedant, to ensure your capital is used to maximum effect.

Superior Financial Modeling

Accurately interpret and implement financial modeling structures, from simple policy terms to the most complex reinsurance, including across cedants. Enhance your capital modeling.

Industry-Leading Renewal Support

Increase the quality of renewals using accurate peril and financial modeling and data handling, and implement your view of risk across multiple cedants.


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