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Location Intelligence API enhances underwriting workflows for residential and small commercial insurers by integrating hazard, exposure, geospatial, and loss data from Moody’s Intelligent Risk Platform™. This tool provides vital insights that streamline risk management and promote effective risk assessment.

Modernize underwriting workflows

Support high-volume business with highly granular hazard and exposure data available via API.

Accelerate underwriting decision-making

Rigorously analyze pre-bind risk using best-in-class modeling science delivered with sub-second latency.

Unify risk analytics across stakeholders

Apply a common set of analytics that delivers greater consistency between underwriting and portfolio steering.

Harness the power of Location Intelligence API

In today's fast-evolving insurance landscape, the pressure is on for underwriters to deliver quick and precise risk assessments. The challenge of balancing rapid quote delivery with the depth of insight required for sound decision-making has never been greater.

Learn how advanced analytics and a cloud-based platform empowers underwriters to identify and price risk accurately, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic insurance market.

Your guide to location intelligence data

Location Intelligence API delivers more than 100 data layers across multiple kinds of data: hazard, location, risk score, model, and exposure data. These insights play a critical role to help understand and manage risks and offer granular, location-specific attributes about  potential hazards, exposures, and their associated costs.

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Exposure Data

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Hazard Data

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Risk Scores

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Loss Costs

The Moody’s geocoding engine is tailored to the unique needs of insurers and their exposure data. Location Intelligence API leverages the same geocoding science used across all Moody’s applications. This means underwriters have access to a more consistent view of risk and can avoid minor location discrepancies that could trigger major shifts and potentially distort a property’s risk profile.    

Robust exposure data empowers insurance underwriters with detailed property characteristics. Location Intelligence API includes data for more than 100 million residential and commercial U.S. properties, so insurers can pre-fill exposure to facilitate “no questions asked,” augment existing exposure, or validate existing data. Underwriters can seamlessly integrate granular exposure data available via API to enable accurate risk pricing and reduce underwriting errors, promoting efficient decision-making.  

Deep hazard insights enable insurance underwriters to implement knock-out screening through better understanding of the potential risks that can impact a location. Location Intelligence API delivers real-time hazard insights from Moody’s RMS catastrophe models to automate and speed up location processing with no manual intervention. This data-driven approach promotes efficient underwriting, optimized portfolio risk management, and a competitive edge in the market.

Moody’s Risk Scores, accessible via Location Intelligence API, distill complex catastrophe model analytics into a simple and easy-to-use score between 1 and 10 that streamlines risk selection and expedites decision-making. Underpinned by big data and catastrophe simulation, Risk Scores  account for the vulnerability of user-defined building stock to illuminate potential exposure and enable proactive risk mitigation. This comprehensive, data-driven approach facilitates effective risk management, improving profitability and competitiveness in the residential and small commercial insurance market.

Only Location Intelligence API provides loss cost data for individual properties, equipping insurance underwriters with the same analytics used by the catastrophe modeling team. This data expedites  risk-based pricing by providing location-specific estimates of average annual losses . Moody’s Loss Costs enable consistency from underwriting to portfolio management, resulting in reduced volatility, greater control, and improved predictability. 

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Navigate risk: Moody’s U.S. property insights map

Discover the value of the data that underpins Location Intelligence API with the Moody’s U.S. Property Insights Map. Our interactive map showcases the depth and breadth of Moody’s underwriting insights, including property risk scores, exposure and hazard data, and loss costs analytics.

Discover how Moody’s data can help you understand the risks associated with any residential property in the continental U.S. Simply submit an address and we’ll email you a customized property risk assessment.

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Customer success

Why customers choose Location Intelligence API

Location Intelligence API delivers key data and insights to help you improve business decisions and better manage risk.

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Superior data quality

Location Intelligence API utilizes the same industry-leading science and data that informs the Moody’s RMS catastrophe modeling portfolio. Risk selection and pricing in residential and small commercial insurance is enhanced by differentiating property types and peril risks with highly granular insights. 

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Accessibility and consistency

Location Intelligence API seamlessly integrates with the Moody’s Intelligent Risk Platform . Users are equipped with a highly scalable, unified set of precision analytics to support the entire insurance value chain, from underwriting to portfolio steering.

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Real-time response speed

Location Intelligence API delivers high-quality analytics at the speed of business with sub-second latency . This helps underwriters work fast and with confidence using insights derived from Moody’s insurance solutions to feed pricing and risk selection.

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Comprehensive data insights

Location Intelligence API offers extensive in-depth data insights, including loss costs and risk scores. This wealth of unique information is supported by more than 100 individual data layers, providing a comprehensive perspective on risk assessment.

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