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Alternative Capital Management

While catastrophes are unpreventable, their effects can be managed through correct risk-mitigation decisions, cutting-edge data, and science. See how Miu’s advanced analytics and insights enable funds and investors to quantify and reduce risk with confidence.

Public Deals

All public catastrophe bonds are available within the platform with key insights and analytics provided by expert RMS consultants.

Private Deals

Easily structure your private investments and analyze the exposed risk whether through an ILW, sidecar, or collateralized reinsurance.

Real-Time Events

When catastrophe strikes, analyze your portfolio in real time with the latest RMS view of risk and estimates.

Application Features

Miu is simple and intuitive, but don't let that deceive you. The platform comes fully loaded.


The interactive graphical interface makes ILS structuring and portfolio management a simple drag-and-drop experience.

Cloud Delivered

Compute resources are spun up on demand, so no more need to purchase and maintain servers in the application. It is just as fast and easy to deploy as it is to use.  


Automate and integrate workflows and eliminate redundant and repetitive error-prone processes. Leave the mindless work to machines and focus on what matters.

Evergreen Technology

The latest software and model upgrades are pushed out without the need for manual updates. No more time-consuming upgrades or out-of-date functionality.

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Blog Posts

Learn more about alternative capital and the ILS market at the RMS Blog.

GK Flood risk
A Toe in the Water: Trading Risk Panel Discusses U.S. Flood Risk Opportunities

With positive changes under way to improve both public and private carrier participation across the U.S. flood market, many are looking to seize the opportunity that the U.S. flood market presents. Insurers, reinsurers, and the capital markets are exploring this opportunity which, in turn, has created a thirst for knowledge. I had the opportunity to see this first-hand when I was invited by Trading Risk magazine to take part in a panel discussion at…

New Opportunities for Investors Willing to Embrace the “Resilience Gap”

This is a reprint of a “Trading Room” interview from Trading Risk magazine, please click here to visit the magazine website.   Opportunities abound for investors willing to embrace the resilience gap, according to RMS global managing director Daniel Stander How does the Protection Gap offer opportunities for investors? I’m afraid you’ve pushed one of my buttons with your very first question! I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully it seems)…

locked up money
The Case of the Trapped Collateral

Was Hurricane Irma in Florida a fire drill for the insurance-linked securities (ILS) and collateralized reinsurance markets — or was this the real thing? In terms of losses, what happened is at the lower end of what the Irma loss in Florida could have become. But what if some of the stuffing had not been knocked out of the storm in Cuba, and if Irma had landed on either the east or west Florida coasts instead of lumbering into the Everglades? If Irma was a…

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