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LifeRisks Platform

RMS LifeRisks® is a cloud-based software platform that delivers the models and data to perform portfolio-specific analytics for the management of extreme mortality and longevity risk.

Quantify Mortality Shocks

Including the RMS Infectious Diseases Model to help understand pandemic influenza and emerging infectious diseases, the RMS Excess Mortality Model suite provides causal analysis for mortality shock across perils, geographies, and lines of business.

Model Future Mortality

The RMS Longevity Risk Model projects future mortality improvements by blending medical science and best-in-class statistical and actuarial techniques.

Hedging Mortality and Longevity Risk

Insurers managing risk capital requirements for both life insurance exposure and annuity liabilities can quantify the hedge across mortality and longevity risk.

Science, Technology, Insurance

As an authoritative resource in stochastic risk modeling, mathematical biology, and epidemiology, LifeRisks combines modeling science, technology, and insurance expertise. 

Forward-Looking Mortality Model

Detailed analysis of "vitagions" – drivers of mortality improvement – provides a framework to project medium- and long-term dynamics of mortality trends.

Understand Extreme Mortality

Combine the latest infectious disease modeling alongside individual perils that cause mortality shocks such as terrorism and earthquake, to deliver insightful causal analysis.

Risk Diagnostics

Drill down into model results to understand risk drivers and identify scenarios that represent key loss thresholds. 

Independent and Impartial

RMS provides impartial risk analysis, as our models support insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, and the capital markets.


Related Risks

RMS risk models for perils such as earthquake and terrorism, which are potential drivers of excess mortality, help illustrate the wider impact of these perils on your portfolio.


Get the most informed view of earthquake risk possible with comprehensive coverage of seismically active regions across five continents.


Make better risk-based decisions with loss metrics for property and workers’ compensation lines using industry-leading terrorism models.

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