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LifeRisks Platform

RMS LifeRisks® is a cloud-based software platform that delivers the models and data to perform portfolio-specific analytics for the management of extreme mortality and longevity risk.

Quantify Mortality Shocks

Including the RMS Infectious Diseases Model to help understand pandemic influenza and emerging infectious diseases, the RMS Excess Mortality Model suite provides causal analysis for mortality shock across perils, geographies, and lines of business.

Model Future Mortality

The RMS Longevity Risk Model projects future mortality improvements by blending medical science and best-in-class statistical and actuarial techniques.

Hedging Mortality and Longevity Risk

Insurers managing risk capital requirements for both life insurance exposure and annuity liabilities can quantify the hedge across mortality and longevity risk.

Science, Technology, Insurance

As an authoritative resource in stochastic risk modeling, mathematical biology, and epidemiology, LifeRisks combines modeling science, technology, and insurance expertise. 

Forward-Looking Mortality Model

Detailed analysis of "vitagions" – drivers of mortality improvement – provides a framework to project medium- and long-term dynamics of mortality trends.

Understand Extreme Mortality

Combine the latest infectious disease modeling alongside individual perils that cause mortality shocks such as terrorism and earthquake, to deliver insightful causal analysis.

Risk Diagnostics

Drill down into model results to understand risk drivers and identify scenarios that represent key loss thresholds. 

Independent and Impartial

RMS provides impartial risk analysis, as our models support insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, and the capital markets.


Related Risks

infectious diseases model
Infectious Disease Model (IDM)

RMS pioneered the probabilistic quantification of infectious disease risk with the release of IDM in 2006. The stochastic event set covers influenza and emerging infectious disease pandemics, including coronaviruses. 


Get the most informed view of earthquake risk possible with comprehensive coverage of seismically active regions across five continents.


Make better risk-based decisions with loss metrics for property and workers’ compensation lines using industry-leading terrorism models.

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coronavirus blogs
Coronavirus Blog Series

Review the latest COVID-19 blogs from pandemic risk and medical experts at RMS 

LifeRisks LandingPage
COVID-19 Assessment Report

RMS looks at the spread and overall mortality using the RMS Infectious Disease Model

Covid-19 Coronavirus Webinar
The COVID-19 Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Since it first appeared December 2019, the COVID-19 has spread to over 200 countries. The outbreak is having a major impact on the economy and the global health environment. Costs continue to rise, and there are many questions regarding its impact on the global (re)insurance markets. Topics discussed will include: Status on the current situation Modeling the spread of COVID-19: What have we learned? Implications for Insurance Q&A with a panel…

Reimagining the 1918 Pandemic

Ask any child, a world without Walt Disney would be unimaginable. Born in December 1901, Walt was sixteen years old when he caught the 1918 pandemic influenza — and survived. A century has passed since the great 1918 pandemic, in which tens of millions died, the deadliest in history. When an anniversary of a major event comes round, we can ask what if the event were to occur today. Catastrophe modelers can also reimagine the event being different from what it…

Ebola Virus Disease: 2018-2019 DRC

Ebola Virus Disease continues to be a public health threat to tropical central and Western African countries.

Civil War MSF map
Civil War Drives the Spread of Ebola

The worst outbreak of Ebola in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Africa’s second largest country by area, with a population of over 77 million, has already claimed several hundred lives, and there have been more than three hundred and fifty cases. Many of the Ebola cases have been in Beni (pop. ~230,000), a major city in North Kivu province, close to the Ugandan border. DRC is a failing state, where the government regime is weak, and cannot prevent…

Kings Fund table
NHS Funding and the Hope of Living Longer

On March 13, 2019, the U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, warned in the House of Commons during his Spring Statement, that a “… cloud of uncertainty was hanging over the U.K. economy.” Reminiscing of a sunnier time for the U.K. economy, in the Budget speech in March 2000, Gordon Brown announced a substantial increase in government spending on healthcare. The Chancellor’s ambitious plan was that health spending would rise by more…

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