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Overview of Moody's HWind

(Re)insurers, brokers, capital markets, government agencies, and academia rely on HWind products for real-time event preparation and response, the triggering of parametric insurance contracts, validation against experience, and research. 

Stay ahead of the storm

Understand the range of potential losses across multiple forecast scenarios, capturing the uncertainty in how track and intensity will evolve.

Accurate hazard insights

Identify the maximum wind speed experienced at a location to quickly determine if parametric insurance has been triggered and inform claims adjustment.

Validate against history

Demonstrate example pay-outs for past storms and validate pricing for parametric insurance. Calibrate historical claims against hazard for internal views of risk.

HWind real-time analysis

Real-time tropical cyclone data leading up to, during, and following landfall.


5-day forecast track scenarios, footprints, and losses made available up to every 6-hours once an Atlantic tropical cyclone is named


Instantaneous views of the tropical cyclone track and hazard characteristics produced every 6 hours throughout the storm’s life cycle

Cumulative footprints

Wind field footprint produced on a rolling, cumulative basis every 6 hours over the lifetime of the storm, leveraging all preceding snapshot analyses

Post-event footprints

Full wind field footprint and track produced 1-3 days after landfall, based on expert review of all available data used during and after the event

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HWind enhanced archive

A catalog of 25+ years of high-resolution images, snapshots, and footprints from historical hurricanes

Same HWind framework

Informed by the same underlying science as the HWind Real-Time Analysis offerings

Additional data

Incorporates new, revised, or reprocessed data sources and track information made available after the event

Reduced uncertainty

Informed by additional analysis iterations to  match observational data  and create the best representation of a storm’s track and hazard profile over time

Continuously growing

Library is updated annually as new data becomes available and new storms occur


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Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon
Cyclone, Hurricane, and Typhoon

Assess tropical cyclone risk to inform sound underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.

exposure iq

Proactively manage organization-wide risk concentrations and hot spots, access real-time risk analytics and event forecasting for rapid event response, and generate advanced portfolio insights, at scale.

Event Response Services

Predict the potential impact of active catastrophic events on your business with high-fidelity event response data delivered in real time.

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Unrivaled Insight

Unrivaled insight and detail

HWind products reflect wind field characteristics with more frequency, accuracy, and granularity than publicly available sources, including the National Hurricane Center.

HWind datasets incorporate unique wind field analysis metrics developed by HWind scientists, such as Integrated Kinetic Energy, a globally recognized index for measuring tropical cyclone size and intensity, and a proven alternative to the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

Unparalleled Suite

Unparalleled suite of observational data sources

HWind incorporates the most comprehensive set of observational data sources in the market. The mix or private and public data feeds span more than thirty land, air, and sea-based platforms including aircraft reconnaissance, dropsondes, airborne Doppler radar wind measurements, buoys, satellites, and coastal observation networks. HWind also incorporates data from more than 10 types of deterministic and ensemble forecasting models. 

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