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Insurance Solutions

Formerly Moody’s RMS

Quantify and Manage Corporate Risk

Develop corporate risk management and mitigation strategies using world-class science and data analytics.

Measure Existing Risk

Quantify and communicate existing financial and property risk using a sophisticated risk assessment methodology and unique insights into the impacts of disasters.

Assess Risk Against Strategic Objectives

Determine if existing levels of risk are compatible with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Calculate Mitigation Benefits

Enable effective planning and mitigation decision-making by quantifying the benefits of enhanced mitigation efforts.

Comprehensive Solutions Suite

With a range of solutions created for many advanced industry uses, discover specialized applications and tools to help with exposure management and expansive modeling capabilities.

Advanced Financial Modeling

Our software’s financial modeling natively implements a wide array of structures, from simple insurance policy terms to complex reinsurance treaties, providing a tailored view of your financial position.

Quantify Impact

Gain insight into potential asset damage and business disruption to understand a full range of financial consequences.

Industry-Leading Support

Our solutions are backed by industry-leading client support and documentation to address any questions our clients might have.

Expert Teams That Understand Risk

Leverage world-class experts in catastrophe risk with a deep understanding of risk management and disaster preparedness analytics.

Assess Risk and Strategy

Moody's consultants help analyze your current risk position, identify opportunities and threats, and uncover ways models can enhance your organization’s risk management.

Event Response Services

Predict the potential impact of active catastrophic events on your business with high-fidelity event response data delivered in real time.

Manage Your Business

Expand your analytics capabilities with Moody's RMS-managed and on-demand analytical services offered by a worldwide team of 400 specialists with deep domain knowledge and rapid responsiveness.

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