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The Future of Portfolio Management

Purpose-built for the time-sensitive requirements of today’s portfolio manager, ExposureIQ™ is an exposure management software that makes business-wide risk exposure management faster and more accurate for informed decision making. 

Respond to Events Faster Than Ever

Gain a deeper understanding of loss potential and risk exposure in catastrophe prone areas in real-time. Insurance professionals use RMS Event Response to ensure a timely and effective response when the minutes matter the most. 

Capitalize on Portfolio Trends

Optimize your portfolio and identify the key drivers of accumulations and portfolio trends. The multidimensional portfolio-level and real-time risk reporting, as well as sophisticated customized exposure management analytics help you to write business closer to your risk threshold.

Identify Company Wide Accumulations

Run accumulations across many portfolios representing your insurance business and across your reinsurance entities for cross cedant accumulations.


Business Hierarchies

  • Build a visual representation of the relationships between your business entities 
  • Run accumulations across many portfolios representing your insurance business and across your reinsurance entities for cross cedant accumulations
  • Accurate capture of outwards reinsurance to provide users with true "net of reinsurance/retro" accumulation metrics across insurance and reinsurance entities

Blind Spots Minimized

  • Risk exposure management made easy by gaining a deeper understanding of exposure concentrations through the power of RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™ 

  • An understanding of concentration across insurance and reinsurance portfolios allows you to identify company wide hotspots

  • Access exposure management insurance underwriting support by writing closer to your capacity using the power of high-resolution location data and the RMS Financial Model

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Exposure Management Software with an Intuitive User Experience

  • View your exposure concentrations of risk accumulations across modeled and non-modeled areas
  • Assess aggregations and risk clusters by their proximity to key hazard zones, and drill down into the key drivers of loss
  • Access insurance exposure management information leveraging events and footprints from RMS Event Response and RMS’s unique HWind real-time forecasting capabilities 
  • Leverage RMS data and financial engines to mine new insights and flexibly slice and dice data allowing a more comprehensive understanding of portfolio trends 

ExposureIQ Deep Dive Demo

ExposureIQ ensures portfolio managers can derive insights to confidently analyze concentrations across geographies, identify optimization and risk exposure management growth opportunities using the latest RMS science. 

Join Sr. Director of Product Management Shaheen Razzaq as he explains how ExposureIQ helps customers with accumulation management and understand their aggregations and distribution of exposure across the globe and respond to events faster. 

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Why Insurance Exposure Management Teams Need ExposureIQ

The built-in portfolio management tools in our exposure management software help inform and manage underwriting decisions and ensure profitability. 


Leverage the world’s leading provider of hurricane wind assessment for both real-time and historical events before, during, and after landfall across the western North Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific Basins.

Customized Exposure Management

Quickly identify exposure concentrations to inform better insurance exposure management of portfolios. Get a real-time portfolio view of risk across multiple geographies, establish simple stakeholder reporting, and accurately write business closer to your risk threshold.

Event Response Exposure Management

As the hurricane makes landfall understand the impact on your portfolio. Understand your risk exposure and report to stakeholders.

Real-Time Event Response

Assess evolving storm conditions as an event unfolds with snapshots that project storm paths to inform where claims and business interruption are likely to occur and with footprints to inform accurate positioning of response and recovery assets.


Deployed via the cloud leveraging a global network of data centers, ExposureIQ uses enterprise-class security measures implementing best practices from SOC 2 type 2, C5, ISO 27001, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Organization-wide Exposure Management

Attain visibility across both insurance portfolios and reinsurance structures which reveals the true global picture and the true “net” of reinsurance loss metric. 

Customer Success Stories


RMS ExposureIQ: Award-Winning Application for Exposure Management

On behalf of RMS®, I am delighted to accept the Risk Innovation of the Year award from InsuranceERM. What is so encouraging is that the judges recognized the significant innovation behind our exposure management application RMS ExposureIQ™, one of a range of applications available on the RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™. Support for Exposure Managers Exposure management is a function ripe for innovation. As a business, we took the time to fully…

Exposure Magazine
RMS HWind Hurricane Forecasting and Response and ExposureIQ: Exposure Management Without the Grind

Accessing data in real-time to assess and manage an insurance carrier’s potential liabilities from a loss event remains the holy grail for exposure management teams and is high on a business’ overall wish list A 2021 PwC Pulse Survey of U.S. risk management leaders found that risk executives are increasingly taking advantage of “tech solutions for real-time and automated processes, including dynamic risk monitoring (30 percent), new risk management tech…

Press Release
RMS Unveils Significant New Event Response Innovations in ExposureIQ

NEWARK, CA – May 6, 2021 – RMS®, the world’s leading catastrophe risk modeling and solutions company, announced new innovations to ExposureIQ™ on the Risk Intelligence platform, including real-time catastrophe event visualizations and more powerful reporting. RMS also unveiled new capabilities to allow cross-portfolio accumulations across reinsurance and insurance workflows. ExposureIQ is an innovative, cloud-based exposure management application designed to…

Satellite image of a hurricane approaching North America
ExposureIQ: Helping Portfolio Managers Navigate a Record-Breaking Hurricane Season

Last year delivered a record-breaking North Atlantic hurricane season in terms of the number of named storms, with a total of 30 during 2020. Your portfolio management teams working on the insurance frontline did not get much of a break after early July. They were busy providing answers to stakeholders as to how each of these storms affected their portfolios. You know it had been a busy season when we worked our way through the 21 official tropical cyclone…

Meeting room
RMS September Update: New HD Models for Europe, New Zealand, and the U.S. With Risk Modeler and New ExposureIQ for Richer Accumulation Management

After recently launching new High Definition Models™ during August, we are delighted to announce that clients using RMS® Risk Modeler™, powered by RMS Risk Intelligence™, now have access to three additional HD Models™ covering new perils and regions in Europe, New Zealand, and the U.S.: Europe Severe Convective Storm HD Models: Comprehensive coverage of all sources of loss including hail, straight-line winds, and tornado risk for 17 countries, comes with…

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