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Risk Modeler 2.0

Risk Modeler™ 2.0 enables cat modelers and risk analysts to leverage Moody's RMS risk models, risk data, and analytics tools to evaluate and mitigate risk to portfolios and accounts.

Using Risk Modeler 2.0 APls, developers can build solutions that deliver end-to-end catastrophe modeling and analytics workflows.


Location Intelligence API

Location Intelligence APIs provide underwriters with greater insight into catastrophe-exposed properties and better tools for assessing and managing risk.

Location Intelligence APls enable developers to deliver applications that optimize and streamline workflows so that underwriters may identify and weed out exposures at risk early in the underwriting process.


Data Bridge API

Data Bridge is a data integration service that enables Moody's RMS customers to share data between cloud-based and on-premise systems.
Data Bridge APIs enable developers to upload RMS exposure data to the cloud, where it may be accessed and processed by applications like Risk Modeler running on Moody's RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™.



Technical blogs

Technical blogs share product release updates, new APIs to integrate with Moody's RMS applications and automate your workflows. They also include detailed technical information about new features and capabilities and new administrative tools to help manage your tenant.

Featured API offerings

The Intelligent Risk Platform APls enable you to build sophisticated catastrophe modeling and risk analytics applications that leverage Moody's RMS risk models and risk data. You can easily integrate Moody's RMS models and risk data with existing workflows, in-house applications, and third-party tools to deliver fully automated, end-to-end processes.

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Risk Data Lake

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Risk Models


Analytical services

Risk Data Lake

Rich, multidimensional data enables better, more comprehensive analytics and greater business insights. Intelligent Risk collects and stores models, risk data, exposures, results, and domain data in a single, central location called the Moody's RMS Risk Data Lake™. The Risk Data Lake makes risk data available across Moody's services, providing stakeholders greater visibility and understanding of risk. 

Risk Models

Risk Intelligence delivers unified, high-performance execution of Moody's RMS RiskLink® models and HD Models™. Moody's RMS offers both deterministic models and simulation-based, probabilistic models that model the frequency and severity of catastrophe events. Leveraging the Risk Data Lake and Moody's RMS Analytical Services, Risk Intelligence APls enable developers to make advanced model execution services available within custom apps. 


Intelligent Risk APls use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. All developer client credentials are tied to Moody's RMS Intelligent Risk Platform user accounts, and client applications must provide these client credentials when requesting access tokens from the Moody's RMS Authorization Server. Credentials and data are encrypted in transit. The Intelligent Risk Platform is compliant with industry-standard security requirements including GDPR, ISO27001, C5, and SOC2. 

Analytical services

Risk Intelligence delivers unified risk analytics for cat modelers, risk analysts, portfolio managers, underwriters, and risk investors. These services all access and enrich the same data sources in the Risk Data Lake, ensuring that everyone within the organization accesses a common set of analytics throughout the risk transfer process. 

Developer portal

The developer portal provides developers with a number of additional resources for testing and evaluating API services including Postman Collections, Jupyter Notebook documents, and downloadable OpenAPI 2.0 specifications. 

Quick start

Moody's developer quick start guides are designed to enable new developers to get up and running in 10 minutes. You can connect to the Intelligent Risk Platform and start developing your applications as soon as you have your valid Moody's user credentials.

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The developer portal offers short tutorials designed to show developers how they can automate complex catastrophe modeling and analytics workflows using Risk Intelligence APls. Each tutorial provides sample code in a variety of programming languages including Java, C#, and Python. 

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API reference docs

Moody's RMS API reference documentation describes Risk Intelligence API objects, methods, parameters, and responses. Moody's RMS API reference documentation conforms with the OpenAPI specification, enabling consumers to easily understand and interact with Risk Intelligence services.

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Risk Intelligence

See how the Intelligent Risk Platform can help you develop custom applications

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