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Turn Underwriting Expertise into Superior Pricing and Returns

Equip underwriters with flexible pricing analytics and up-to-date portfolio monitoring.

Quantify Your Target Portfolio

Delivering advanced risk, profit and marginal impact insights direct to the underwriter, enabling truly customizable pricing formulas to reflect your risk appetite.

Strengthen Pricing Analytics

Accurately capturing contract, advanced financial model and flexible pricing formulas give underwriters foresight of marginal impact, combined ratio, and return on capital of every quote.

Enable Timely Portfolio Management

Delivering game-changing portfolio roll-up performance to monitor risk positions, analyze drivers and assess pricing performance leveraging the power of the RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™.

Simplify View of Risk

Leverage all your model loss data for flexible pricing and roll-up, customized to your view of risk through loss adjustments, multi-region allocations and loss blending. 

Build Balanced Portfolios

Build Balanced Portfolios

  • ​​​​Gain a comprehensive understanding of the reinsurance program and portfolio with drivers of risk reports.
  • Place  actionable pricing insights in the hands of the underwriter to make data-driven underwriting decisions, and shape pricing computations quickly.
  • Model agnostic calculations allow users to price and roll-up any and all loss tables, regardless of the original view of risk, eliminating blind-spots. 
Improve profitability

Improve Profitability and Easily Implement Risk-Adjusted Pricing

  • Dynamic linkage between portfolios and programs allows users to instantly understand the marginal impact curve, as well as key ratios of each deal.
  • Assess the achieved price vs technical price for each contract in the portfolio, and analyze the contribution of all treaties using spectral risk measures.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios on the portfolio to test out renewal season strategies, and adjust company-wide pricing and capital formulas to optimize new quotes.
RMS Risk Intelligence

RMS Intelligent Risk Platform

  • TreatyIQ™ offers business efficiencies due to integration with other Intelligent Risk Platform applications, connected workflows, and data.
  • These applications are cloud-based and provide performance and scale without the hardware and software maintenance required for on-premise offerings.
  • The modular design of the Intelligent Risk Platform ensures that users can choose to license and use the applications required.




A pricing analytical engine for treaty underwriters

TreatyIQ: Striking a difficult balance
Exposure Magazine
TreatyIQ: Striking a Difficult Balance

As treaty underwriters prepare to navigate another challenging renewal season, compounded by an uncertain economic outlook, many are looking to new technological solutions to help them capitalize on nascent optimism around rates and build sustainable profitability. EXPOSURE explores the importance of reliable marginal impact analytics to bias underwriting decisions in favor of diversification The fall of investment profits for insurance and reinsurance…

Technology: The Springboard to Innovative Treaty Underwriting

Cautious optimism surrounds the January 1, 2020 reinsurance renewals, with expectations that the anticipated hardening of rates might be realized – to a modest degree at least. Reinsurance underwriters who can harness technology to conquer historic risk assessment challenges – including robust marginal impact analytics, and create the space for innovation can build customer relationships that are resilient to future market rate oscillations. The capital…

RMS Expands Risk Intelligence platform

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