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Industrial-Specific Perils

Better understand the risk profile of industrial and energy facilities where a high percentage of value is associated with machinery, equipment, and stock rather than structures.

Hazardous Region Risk

Guard against underestimating risk for industrial facilities in regions with greater levels of value located in high-hazard areas.

Capital Adequacy and Allocation

Improve capital requirement calculations and reinsurance-based decision-making with industrial-specific insights.

Capture Specialized Features

Collect and analyze industrial and energy facility characteristics not captured in standard property catastrophe models.

Specialized Industrial Vulnerability

Accurately define and analyze the damageability of a comprehensive set of industrial and energy facilities using an advanced vulnerability model.

Component-Based Damage Assessments

Improve business interruption estimates and increase modeling flexibility and scalability with component-level performance assessment.

Enhanced Exposure Schema

Explicitly model unique industrial facility types not contained in standard models to represent the full spectrum of risk. 

Regionalized Vulnerability

Region-specific vulnerability curves account for local construction practices and code requirements, across more than 30 peril model regions, including flood, earthquake, and windstorm.

Comprehensive Facility Modifiers

Improve analyses by customizing risks at a location level using peril-specific and business interruption secondary modifiers.

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Builders Risk

Capture the changing value and vulnerability of the builders risk class of property insurance across different phases of construction projects.


Identify areas of unexpected concentrations or aggregations and quantify catastrophic risk potential for diverse lines of business across a wide range of perils and geographic regions.

Offshore Platform

Model hurricane damage to offshore platforms, rigs, wells, and pipelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

RMS Models With Industrial Facilities

The flood, windstorm, and earthquake peril models contain the vulnerability curves for the Industrial Facilities Model, where applicable. 


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Searching for Surprise Catastrophes: The Beirut Explosion

The history of catastrophe modeling over the past three decades, has been punctuated sporadically by catastrophes which have caused enormous economic losses, and have taken risk stakeholders, including insurers, by surprise. The Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020, is the latest such surprise catastrophe; compounded by another surprise on September 10 by a large fire that spread from a Beirut port warehouse storing cooking oil to a neighboring warehouse…

Maria: What Is the Impact on Industry in Puerto Rico?

Peter Datin, senior principal modeler, RMS Rajkiran Vojjala, vice president – Model Development, RMS Last week, Hurricane Maria churned across Puerto Rico with the strongest winds to hit the island in over 80 years. Puerto Rico is home to more than 50 percent of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and life science companies, which operate around 80 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved manufacturing plants on the island. Therefore, the impact of…

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RMS Further Strengthens Asia Pacific Capabilities in Version 18

NEWARK, Cali - July 16, 2018  RMS, the leading global risk modeling and analytics firm, announced today the release of Version 18 (V18) the latest version of its leading catastrophe risk management software.  Version 18 expands RMS clients’ global capabilities and brings to light new opportunities using the latest science, innovative methodologies and analytics to support profitable portfolio growth. Specifically, V18 provides the latest…

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