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Understanding Your Needs

RMS has been the industry’s trusted partner for over 30 years. With a deep understanding of both insurance and reinsurance, we are the partner of choice for brokers.

Leading Catastrophe Insights

Access a global suite of industry-leading models providing the highest quality insights to ensure you deliver the best client value.

Work Better and Faster

Make routine tasks easier with tools backed by industry-leading documentation, regulatory, and change support.

Own View of Risk

Apply your view of risk for each peril region to ensure you deliver the value of science-informed insight to your clients.

RMS Broker Solutions to Drive Value

RMS broker solutions have grown to serve a range of sophisticated industry uses, including model evaluation, data quality assessment, peer comparisons, renewal execution, and regulatory support.

Understanding Peril Risk

Get industry-leading support for broker-client conversations ranging from model changes to interpreting model output.

Complex Portfolio Modeling

Analyze portfolios from multiple sources, including version and exposure/model year-on-year changes using Risk Intelligence™ and Risk Modeler™.

Sophisticated Data Handling

Improve data management and deliver more value with solutions that quickly and consistently handle data, including sophisticated disaggregation techniques.

Superior Financial Modeling

Accurately interpret and implement all financial modeling structures, from simple policy terms to the most complex reinsurance, including input for capital modeling.

Industry-Leading Renewal Support

Increase renewal quality with accurate peril and financial modeling, change management, data and aggregates handling, and your own view of risk.

Regulatory Compliance

From capital filings to GDPR and cloud compliance, we provide the necessary global support and documentation to both meet your needs and reassure your clients.

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Assess a location’s risk to multiple perils, loss potential, and key third-party insights in seconds with this application.


Manage your entire book of business more efficiently and accurately than ever before with this purpose-built solution for analyzing exposure concentrations.

risk modeler
Risk Modeler 2.0

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.

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