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Understanding Your Needs

In a rapidly evolving risk landscape marked by economic shifts, recent unprecedented climate events, and growing cyber threats, (re)insurance brokers face ever-increasing client expectations. With over 30 years of experience in providing sophisticated catastrophe analytics, Moody’s RMS deeply understands the broker market dynamics. As the partner of choice, we empower brokers to offer their clients an enhanced analytics proposition.

Enhance Client Retention

Integrate cutting-edge catastrophe risk analytics for a more complete view of risk and elevate your status as market thought leaders.

Expand Market Share

Secure more business with solutions built to manage complex client needs, and identify cross-sell opportunities into property lines of business.

Refine Advisory Expertise

Guide clients through today’s climate challenges with tailored analytics, deepening risk understanding and providing strategic mitigation.

A Trusted Partner of the Broking Community

Drive value with Moody’s insurance solutions for brokers

Our broker solutions have grown to serve a range of sophisticated industry uses, including model evaluation, data quality assessment, peer comparisons, renewal execution, and regulatory support.

Tailor Risk Placement

Leverage unparalleled insights to secure the most favorable terms and align insurance solutions with individual client risks.

Elevate Risk Insight

Deploy innovative tools to gain a deep understanding of your clients’ needs and potential exposures.

Unlock Market Capacity

Navigate challenging markets with trusted solutions to effectively identify and secure sought-after capacity.

Explore New Frontiers

Stay ahead of emerging risks with comprehensive and advanced insights on climate change, supply chain, ESG, and cyber.

Tailored Solutions for Brokers across the Value Chain

Equipped with our sophisticated analytics, brokers are empowered to navigate the increasing complexities of risk, whether in insurance or reinsurance. With Moody’s insurance solutions, brokers not only adapt but lead in an ever-changing market

Insurance Brokers

Reinsurance Brokers


Risk Consulting

Elevating Brokers with Advanced Risk Solutions

Discover the capabilities of Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform. Experience a distinct edge in the market, ensuring you deliver unparalleled value to your clients.

Here’s how Moody’s insurance solutions amplifies broker capabilities:

  • Harness our platform for enhanced insurance placement and capacity allocation.
  • Streamline submission processes with advanced geocoding and efficient data management capabilities.
  • Utilize advanced analytics to pre-underwrite risks, benchmark rates, and conduct rate analysis.
  • Explore parametric solutions to offer innovative risk transfer options. 
  • Leverage our expertise with large risks, single location analytics, and the industrial facilities model.
  • Navigate complex exposures like cyber with precision, backed by our in-depth and innovative risk assessment frameworks.

Empowering Reinsurance Brokers in a Dynamic Market

We understand the critical role reinsurance brokers play as trusted advisors to their clients and have developed bespoke solutions to supercharge your advisory capacity:

  • Streamlined Placement: Simplify placements, secure best terms, and expand reinsurance options.
  • Capital Modeling Excellence: Navigate capital allocation and dynamic financial analyses, while exploring alternative risk transfer solutions.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Dive into intricate portfolios, harness sophisticated deal structuring, and design opportunities tailored to match risk appetites. 
  • Climate Change Risk Advisory: Equip clients with insights on climate challenges using our distinct analytics.
  • Regulatory Guidance: Stay ahead of evolving regulations with our comprehensive expertise and bespoke solutions.

Advancing Brokers’ Capabilities with Risk Consulting

In today’s evolving risk landscape, brokers need more than just data – they require actionable insights to guide their clients through complex challenges.

Dive into what our dedicated Risk Consulting team offers:

  • Comprehensive Climate Analytics: Ensure future-readiness with analytics designed for climate change stress testing.
  • Tailored Risk Management: Advise on targeted interventions, from flood defenses to roof structures.
  • Pioneering Risk Leadership: Establish a strong foothold as a leading authority in the market with deep insights.
  • Event Response: Deliver timely and effective client support with real-time event information.
HD Models
High-Definition (HD) Models

Moody’s RMS HD Models represent the future of risk modeling, providing a major step forward in the quality of catastrophe risk quantification.

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Climate Change Models
Climate Change Models

Moody's RMS Climate Change Models extend our industry-leading, comprehensive catastrophe models to capture the near- and long-term climate change risk outlook.

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Cyber Risk Modeling

Create predictability and stability, and quantify the financial impact of an uncertain market. Tap into cyber risk models to consistently price and measure affirmative cyber risk—and understand the potential from silent exposure.

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Risk Modeler
Risk Modeler 2.0

Quickly unlock insights and improve real-time decision-making with cloud risk modeling software that combines innovative catastrophe models, efficient modeling workflows, and tools to get behind the model numbers.

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Proactively manage organization-wide risk concentrations and hotspots, access real-time risk analytics and event forecasting for rapid event response and generate advanced portfolio insights, at scale.  

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Manage Your Business

Moody's insurance solutions help organizations benefit from high-quality analytical intelligence across all aspects of catastrophe modeling and risk management, using the latest data and models along with robust, automated, and scalable processes and deep industry expertise.

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