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Unify Asia-Pacific flood management

Flooding is the number one natural hazard in Asia-Pacific. Our suite of flood models empowers you to apply a consistent and robust risk framework across the region. Understand all sources of flood risk, capture primary and secondary flood risks, and benefit from unparalleled local partnerships to make better underwriting and portfolio management decisions. 

Optimize portfolio exposure

Select better risks using a proven risk methodology. Expand flood coverage to over 75% of regional property gross written premium with a unified risk framework. 

Build a robust, competitive portfolio

Leverage best-available local market intelligence to improve model performance and deliver superior insights.

Maximize profitability in key markets

Conduct more sophisticated analyses to better differentiate risk with our award-winning flood model methodology.

Asia-Pacific models key features

Understand the complex dynamics between climatic systems, geologic composition, spatial and temporal correlations, and mitigation and defense efforts to transform model outputs into policy terms.

Superior hazard resolution

Based on extensively processed, high-resolution digital terrain model and with locally sourced flood protection information.

Comprehensive hazard coverage

Understand all sources of inland flood risk, including from rivers (fluvial), rainfall (pluvial) flooding, and coastal flood risk from tropical cyclones.

Specialty modeling

Capture unique risk profiles for industrial facilities, buildings under construction, and marine cargo and specie across the region.

Robust vulnerability curves

Differentiate risk with a comprehensive suite of flood vulnerability curves, tailored to each market and relevant primary and secondary building characteristics.

Regional coverage

China inland flood model

The China Inland Flood Model uses a wealth of hazard, vulnerability, and exposure data sourced from local agencies, institutions, and subject matter experts to ensure model components are well calibrated. Gain superior insights into inland flood risk and group with the China and Hong Kong Typhoon Model to fully understand climate risk across China.

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India inland flood model

The India Inland Flood Model provides an advanced pluvial flood risk solution that explicitly models monsoon rainfall at its core. Capturing over 125,000 events across 9,033 catchments throughout India, it offers the most comprehensive view of flood risk in the market.

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Japan typhoon and flood HD model

The Moody's RMS Japan Typhoon and Flood HD Model uses the latest science to capture risk from typhoon wind, typhoon inland flood, typhoon coastal flood, and also non-typhoon inland flood. The model incorporates lessons learnt from the significant insured loss events of recent years in Japan, including Typhoon Jebi, Typhoon Hagibis, and the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018. 

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New Zealand inland flood HD model

The world's first fully probabilistic flood model for New Zealand​. Validated with 100% of reported flood insurance losses over the past 60 years, the New Zealand Inland Flood HD model provides the most realistic view of risk in the market.

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Southeast Asia inland flood HD models

The Southeast Asia Inland Flood HD Models deliver a consistent view of risk across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Understand all source of flood risk and incorporate spatial and temporal correlations, clustering of events, seasonality, and antecedent conditions into your reference view of risk throughout the region.

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Moody's RMS Philippines Typhoon and inland flood model

The Philippines Typhoon and Inland Flood Model enables users to assess the risk from the three linked typhoon-driven perils: wind, typhoon-induced inland flooding, and coastal flooding from storm surge. It further includes inland flood events driven by monsoon and seasonal rainfall, providing a robust view of typhoon and flood risk in the Philippines. 

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