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According to Moody's flood data at the 100-year return period:

2.44 billion

people (3-in-10) are exposed to flood risk, for 650-million of them that risk is greater than 50cm.



people are protected from fluvial flood risk due to the presence of defenses

264 million

people live in vulnerable coastal communities with 70% living in just 5 countries

Plug the gap in flood risk management

Flood is the most prevalent peril globally. Anywhere that it rains, it can flood. Moody's Global Flood Data can help to provide a better grasp of the risk in both modeled and unmodeled territories based upon the best available data, latest science, combined with advances in machine learning.

Best available data

Produced using the latest digital terrain models (DTMs) combined with proprietary in-house enhancements to best capture the high-gradience of the peril.

Latest science and research

Combined advances in science with technology to overcome shortcomings in areas of limited data, trained on data from over 23,000 hydrological catchments in our probabilistic HD Flood Models.

Advances in technology

Utilizes unique machine learning techniques to understand the implications of defences and capture local standard of protection validated with areas of known standard of protection.

Wealth of experience

RMS has over 20-years of flood modeling experience and the global flood data can complement areas of full probabilistic models, or act as an entry point to new markets.

Key product features

Global coverage

Assess flood risk for any country globally

Multiple return periods

Understand the full flood risk profile from short to long-range exceedance probabilities

Defended and undefended view of risk

Understand the impact of modeled defences, and the implications of their failure

10-meter resolution

Assess risk at 10-meter resolution globally

All sources of flood risk 

Assess both inland (fluvial & pluvial) and coastal flood sources

Flood risk severity 

Understand the severity of flood hazard at each location

Multiple delivery vehicles

Access Moody's RMS global flood data in the way that meets your organisational needs

Enabling assessment of flood risk anywhere

Moody's Global Flood Data and Maps provide high-resolution, high-quality tools to plug gaps in flood risk assessment and complement existing flood solutions in any country.







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