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Confidently Manage European Flood Risk

Flooding is one of the costliest natural hazards in Europe, endangering lives and causing damage to buildings, infrastructure, and the economy. At the same time, it is one of the most challenging perils to model. Flood risk ignores borders, rainfall in one country can correlate to flooding in another. RMS Europe Inland Flood Models can help you make the right decisions based on the latest science, cutting-edge technology and data.

Extensive Coverage

Benefit from the largest single Europe-wide event set on the market, covering 14 countries and over 8,500 catchments.

Specify Exposure

As the vulnerability to flooding varies significantly from property-to-property, choose from over 300 primary risk classifications and 14 secondary modifiers to appropriately represent your exposure to flooding.

Account for Defenses

Incorporate your own site knowledge or test different flood defense scenarios, enabled by our industry-leading flood defense approach.

Build a Successful European Flood Strategy

Use data products for underwriting and pricing that are fully consistent with your probabilistic model-based portfolio, reinsurance, and solvency management to successfully move your flood strategy forward.

All Sources of Flooding

Capture the risk from fluvial (river) flooding, pluvial flooding (overland flow, minor rivers, rising groundwater, etc.) as well as flooding influenced by snow melt.

Location Detail

Overcome low resolutions with our exposure disaggregation functionality that exploits your properties’ characteristics to place them where they are likely located.

Time-Based Modeling

Explicitly account for and analyze the impact of time-based policy conditions such as the hours clause on your losses.

Across all Coverages

Split out losses for building, content, and business interruption, and quantify the impact of post-event loss amplification.

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