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Mangroves and Marshes: A Shield Against Catastro...
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood April 11, 2016

“We believe that natural ecosystems protect against catastrophic coastal flood losses, but how can we prove it?” This question was the start…

Just How Unlucky Was Britain to Suffer Desmond, ...
Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina January 14, 2016

Usually, it’s natural disasters occurring elsewhere in the world that make headlines in Britain, not the other way around. But you’d have to…

South Carolina Floods: The Science Behind the Ev...
jeff waters
Jeff Waters October 08, 2015

South Carolina recently experienced one of the most widespread and intense multi-day rain events in the history of the Southeast, leaving the…

Reflecting on Tropical Storm Bill
jeff waters
Jeff Waters June 24, 2015

After impacting coastal Texas and portions of the Plains and Midwest with rain, wind, and flooding for nearly a week, Tropical Storm Bill has…

4 Facts About California’s “Hellastorm”
jeff waters
Jeff Waters December 11, 2014

California is bracing for a major storm this week. Many schools are closed and residents are hunkering down in preparation for potential…

New Storms, New Insights: Two Years After Hurric...
jeff waters
Jeff Waters October 29, 2014

When people think about the power of hurricanes, they imagine strong winds and flying debris. Wind damage will always result from hurricanes,…


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