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Our Flood Insurance System is Broken. Here’s How...
Matthew Nielsen
Matthew Nielsen July 18, 2017

Matthew Nielsen, senior director, governmental and regulatory affairs, RMS Daniel Stander, managing director, RMS This blog was first…

What Can You Learn From Exposure?
Alyssa Sachs
Alyssa Sachs September 09, 2016

Many RMS team members are active bloggers and speakers at speaking engagements, and contribute to articles, but to capture even more of our…

How U.S. Inland Flood Became a “Peak” Peril
jeff waters
Jeff Waters July 27, 2016

This article by Jeff Waters, meteorologist and product manager at RMS, first appeared in Carrier Management. As the journey towards a private…

A Perennial Debate: Disaster Planning versus Dis...
Daniel Stander
Daniel Stander July 20, 2016

In May we saw a historic first: the World Humanitarian Summit. Held in Istanbul, representatives of 177 states attended. One UN chief…

Using Insurance Claims Data to Drive Resilience
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood July 14, 2016

When disaster strikes for homeowners and businesses the insurance industry is a source of funds to pick up the pieces and carry on. In that…

Just How Unlucky Was Britain to Suffer Desmond, ...
Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina January 14, 2016

Usually, it’s natural disasters occurring elsewhere in the world that make headlines in Britain, not the other way around. But you’d have to…


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