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European Flood and Climate Change: Examining the...
Filip Babovic , Maximiliano Sassi , Arnaud Castéran
Filip Babovic December 11, 2020

The latest scientific research suggests that flooding in Europe could increase substantially over the coming decades due to the effects of…

Venice in Peril
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood November 21, 2019

The first time I noticed the coincidence I assumed there had been a mistake. The most-costly flooding in modern Italian history inundated the…

European Floods and the Relationship with the No...
Stefano Zanardo Ludovico Nicotina Arno G.J. Hilberts Stephen P. Jewson March 27, 2019

Stefano Zanardo, Principal Modeler, RMS Ludovico Nicotina, Senior Director – Modeling, RMS Arno Hilberts, Vice President, Model Development…

Three Principles for Exposing the Hidden Risks (...
Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina February 23, 2016

Building a profitable European flood portfolio is like walking a tightrope—a tricky balancing act. It is of course important to minimize your…

Just How Unlucky Was Britain to Suffer Desmond, ...
Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina January 14, 2016

Usually, it’s natural disasters occurring elsewhere in the world that make headlines in Britain, not the other way around. But you’d have to…


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